5 Tips to Take Care of Your Fabric Exhibit System

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Fabric is a popular option for exhibit systems, trade show pop ups and banners for trade shows. Take care of it to use, reuse and store it.

Take care of your fabric exhibit systems so that you can use them for making multiple exhibition booths across the year. Here are 5 essential points to increase the life and applicability of fabric on your trade show booth display.

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Fabric Exhibit Systems

While you exhibit in the USA you will be acquainted with a number of exhibit systems that use fabric as their main component. Infact, over 80% of the exhibition booths that you will see on any trade show floor as the world famous Las Vegas Convention Centre will be made of trade show booth systems that use fabric. Fabric is preferred all across the USA because it is light-weight, easy to ship and easy to install. It also gives the option of being used as a front lit media as well as a backlit media. It has the lowest drayage cost and looks rich and sophisticated.

Many exhibitors use fabric exhibit systems that are modular in nature. If they participate in multiple trade shows then they re-use the same modular exhibit. This exhibit is designed in such a way that the exhibitor himself/herself can unpack, install, use, dismantle and reuse the system. Obviously, the exhibitor also has the option of contracting a trade show exhibit company to do this.  

While you would agree that fabric displays easily stored and transported, handling and maintaining them can be pretty arduous. Here are a few ways which can help you clean them and maintain their condition.

1. Getting the wrinkles out of your fabric exhibit systems

Wrinkles in fabrics are one of the most common problems faced by exhibitors. This is one of the chief reasons why polyester fabrics are used for exhibit graphics. Polyester fabrics wrinkle less, so next time you buy a trade show booth display, ensure that the fabric is polyester. Polyester fabrics look great as soon as they are taken out of the box. Also, as a backup, you could always rent a steam iron (or even carry a hand-held one). Fabric graphics are very easily ironed with a good steam iron. Sometimes even show organiser keep them on standby for exhibitors to rent.

2. Cleaning stains from your fabric exhibit system

If you see a spot, smudge, or splatter on your previously pristine fabric graphic, fret not. It does not mean that you can no longer use those fabrics. Most blemishes, blots, and stains can be taken care of as soon as you spot them. Try to clean them using various detergents and cleaners.

Deeper Cleaning

Most polyester fabrics can be washed in a machine. So, after a tiring show, if you feel that your materials need more than a spot cleaning, you can simply put them in a washing machine. You don’t need to stress about special treatment, just set your machine to wash on cold and dry at a low temperature

Specialty Trade Show Fabrics

Silicone-edge graphics, banners, and 3-D constructions frequently use polyester mesh fabrics. These are more delicate than their counterparts, which means you should avoid machine washing and spot clean as much as possible. However, see with your production house, since your specific fabrics may be more durable and can endure machine washing.

3. Storing your fabric exhibit system

After cleaning, your fabrics should be completely dry before packing. Even when only faintly damp, the material can develop mildew and mould if packed. To keep graphics looking their finest, fold them with the front side turned inward. When rolling or folding your fabric, use a fresh drop cloth to keep it off the floor. Also, wash your hands before handling the graphics – or wear a pair of cotton gloves to avoid transferring germs or dirt.

4. Setting up your fabric exhibit system

There are a number of exhibition display systems available in the market. Most systems come with silicone edges making them very easy to install by the exhibitor. There is a sleeve within which the edge goes and that is about it. There are other exhibit systems that have a pillowcase kind of mechanism, while there are others that have a velcro system. However, since these materials are so common all across the USA most of the labour at any of the convention centres know how to install them perfectly and you can just contract manpower from the organiser and they can set up a simple system for say a 10×20 exhibit in a few hours.

5. Re-using your fabric exhibit system

While the same fabric can be used multiple times, we have found that exhibitors want to and need to regularly change their booth graphics as per the trade show that they are attending and the products they want to promote. A smart idea employed by one of our clients is that she just gets the previous graphic framed and uses it in her office spaces. This way the fabric sees use for many years, or atleast as far as the content on it is relevant to the company and its customers.

Fabric displays have a variety of advantages. These graphics look good, are wrinkle defiant, decrease shipping costs due to their minimal weight, and are easy to set up and take down. With the proper care and maintenance, your fabrics will look great for as long as they are needed.  If you want any specific fabric exhibit system do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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