Budget-Friendly Trade Show Stands That Uplift Your Brand Experience

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An impactful trade show stand, exhibit rental or trade booth display need not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket!

Marketing budgets are divided amongst many platforms, trade shows are just one of them. This article explores how you can get the most of the money that you invest in putting up a trade show stand, explore an exhibit rental option or even select from the many options of trade show exhibit companies. 

Budget-Friendly Trade Show Stands That Uplift Your Brand Experience

If you ask the finance department of any mid-sized company who participates regularly in trade shows, they will definitely tell you that setting up trade show stands and participating in global exhibitions are both money guzzlers. Whether you have a small 10×10 exhibit or a large pavilion, you know that your trade show participation comes at a huge cost to the company, albeit with wonderful returns. Participating in trade shows can be very favourable to any brand. It maximises brand awareness and credibility and boosts sales. However, exhibiting can be a little expensive, especially if you are a beginner and have no experience or contacts to help you out with your trade show stands, bookings, trade show supplies etc. To make things simpler for you, here’s a check-list that will help you in participating in trade shows without breaking the bank.

1. Book Space for Your Trade Show Stands Early:

The way to save big bucks while participating in trade shows is ‘booking early’. Be it space or slot at your preferred trade show, booth contractor or the trade show booth, booking early will not only give you many choices to select from but also enable you to save your money along the way.

2. Book Services from the Show for your Trade Show Stand During the Early Bird Deadlines:

To find out about the problems that deter productivity or growth for your customers, conduct a simple email survey with your current email subscriber database so that you can then work towards eliminating those issues. Good salespeople are in touch with customers on a fixed basis, and they’re often the first ones to hear about new problems and trends.
While designing your next product demonstration for around your trade show display rental, make it a point to address the painpoints and explain why your product is ideal for those facing similar situations.

3. Have Multitasking Manpower Manning Your Exhibition Booth

A great team is always essential, more so when you are partaking in a trade show, while on a tight budget. To supervise the show, you need to employ talented people who are good at multitasking. A multitasking team will do the job of many, without being too costly. Also, though you have an excellent sales team who can handle leads, ensure that there is a senior person on the booth who can customise solutions and make pricing decisions present at the trade show.

For example, if you see car ads, they seldom just talk about torque and capacity and turning radius. They talk about emotions associated with the car, the journeys you can take and the safety and comfort it will give you and your family, etc. Obviously the features are weaved into the story, but the story is what makes the emotional connect. 

4. Opt for rental trade show stands

When you have to make your exhibit you generally have 2 options. Either you rent an existing structure from a trade show booth design company or you ask them to create a customised booth design just for you. However, the cost of customized trade show stands can be upto double as compared to exhibit rental options. If you are on a tight budget then you should consider rentals. Do not worry, rentals are not boring, they are infact innovative and patented structures that can really give your booth the sophisticated look that it needs. 

Tip: When you select an exhibit rental booth, invest time in designing perfect graphics for it. While structures can be standard your graphics need not be. They can be infused with creativity and break the clutter of communication that a visitor sees at a show floor. So ensure that your graphics are refreshing and impactful.

5. If you participate in trade shows regularly then buy your own modular trade show booth

As a business manager you must regularly be faced with the make or buy decision. Did you know you have that option even when it comes to your trade show stands? If you aim to participate in trade shows frequently then modular booths are your best bet and you don’t need to rent them, you can actually buy them. Modular booths are reusable trade show booths and buying them will be a lot more cost effective than renting them for each show. These booths are easy to install and disassemble as well hence they do not need a lot of manpower either. 

6. Go digital when it comes to marketing collateral

Every exhibitor carries a huge amount of marketing collateral to distribute at a trade show. This is a costly affair as one needs to print, package and ship the collateral to the show site. After the show is over, the leftover collateral needs to be shipped back to the company’s head-quarters. This is not only expensive but also harmful for the environment. Consider making digital brochures, these are cost-effective and many customers will appreciate your move to go digital and become eco-friendly.

Trade shows are a great way to draw attention to your brand. We know clients who get over 50% of their annual turnover just from participating at exhibitions. Just because of budget limitations do not back away from participating in one, you might deter your business greatly. With precise planning and budgeting you can make the best trade show stand that doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket.

Happy Exhibiting!

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