Common Mistakes Made While Selecting Trade Show Booth Rentals

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With an ocean of options catering to trade show booth rentals in the USA
how does one select the perfect exhibit rental that matches both expectations of
having superior build quality and being pocket friendly?

This article makes a list of the common mistakes made by exhibitors when they select amongst the many trade show booth rental options available in the USA for their booth displaysbooth banner or trade show display walls.

Selecting Trade Show Booth Rentals in the USA

The USA is the mother of invention when it comes to the design and development of modular display systems that are commonly used across exhibitions, events and conferences. If you’ve attended trade shows across various popular venues within the USA, you must have realised how the exhibition ground is flooded with various modular exhibit systems that are rented by exhibitors from trade show booth rental companies. While these exhibit rental options are often tried, tested and even patented, it is imperative to understand how useful they will be to your product/exhibit display. Here are some common mistakes made by exhibitors when they select between the plethora of trade show booth rental options available in the US market. 

1. Structure type of Exhibition booth design company

Imagine that Google put up an exhibition booth. How do you think this booth would look? Young, vibrant, interactive, immersive, engaging. Now imagine that Mercedes Benz put up and exhibition booth. How do you think this booth would look? Sophisticated, sleek, smart, bold and tech savvy. While booth Google and Mercedes Benz are leaders in their respective industries, you would agree that there is a world difference between the two brands. Something would look seriously odd if the exhibit rental structure selected by Google will host the mercedes brand. Customers would immediately feel a subsconscious disconnect.

Ensuring that your trade show booth rental matches your brand language is the most important aspect to consider while selecting from various options of booth banners and trade show display walls, structures and systems. 

2. Your Exhibit Rental Structure is not compliant with Local Material Norms

Some years back we had a client who had a tried and tested exhibition structure in Turkey which he used to ship globally for his trade shows. This structure was lightweight and hence the client thought it would work for his USA trade shows as well. But Lo! When the structure was installed onsite, the exhibition authorities asked for it to be removed as it was made from a flammable material, like styrofoam, which was not permissible to the trade show organisers. Hence it would be prudent to rent exhibit systems from booth design companies who are locally present and have a good understanding of the law of the land.

Note: Local laws and trade show regulations change from country to country within the USA and also sometimes from city to city. So ensure that you have checked the rules or atleast your exhibition booth design company has checked them. For example, if your show is at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, then try to contract a company that deals primarily in trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas.

3. Your Exhibit Rental Structure is too Bulky and Heavy

If you have been exhibiting in the USA then the bills sent by Freeman and GES must not be new to you. Do you know that drayage can contribute upto 30-40% of your exhibition costs! That is an enormous amount. When your structure is brought inside the fairground by a material handling agency (employed by a show organiser) drayage is calculated on the weight and volume of the structure. So if it is too heavy or too bulky you can end up spending a lot of money just to bring your structure to your allocated booth space. So next time remember to ask your exhibition booth design company an approximate drayage cost when you explore the trade show booth rental options that they provide. 

4. The Quality of your Graphic Print on your Trade Show Booth is Poor

You will agree that quality is everything when it comes to the most important things in business and in life. Trade shows are no different. A high-quality, well-finished exhibition booth will subconsciously make your visitors think that the product or service that your company offers will also be of a high standard. While making the trade show booth rental decision you might focus primarily on the skeletal structure, but we urge you to enquire atleast once about the kind of graphic printing that the booth design company that you have contracted will use. Graphics are the clothes of the booth and they contribute to 70% of the appearance of the booth. Ensure that you are using graphics printed on premium fabric having atleast 4 pass printing so that you get the best resolution for print. 

So next time you have to make the choice of selecting the perfect exhibit rental option for your upcoming event or exhibition make a small checklist before you take the final decision. Make sure to avoid these 4 common pitfalls that even seasoned exhibitors are sometimes guilty of. Your trade show booth is a representation of your brand, do it right to get the maximum ROI.

Happy Exhibiting!

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