Cutting Edge Technology Ideas for Your Next Custom Trade Show Exhibit

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Your exhibition booth design might consist of a simple exhibit rental or might be a
completely custom trade show exhibit; in both cases technology can uplift
the user experience at your exhibition guaranteeing you success.

The line between the real and virtual world has become so fine today that sometimes the mind gets confused. The marketing geniuses of our time have realised this and taken advantage of it. It’s time you take advantage of this new trend to benefit and upgrade the experience at your custom trade show exhibit booth. This article explores how you can integrate technology into your exhibition booth design and product display design so that both real and virtual worlds come alive at your exhibition booth space.  

Cutting Edge Technology Ideas for Your
Custom Trade Show Exhibit

There is an enormous shift in trade show business today. Modern trade shows are nowhere near what they were a few decades back. Technology has transformed the way we live, the way we work and the way we socialise. If technology in our lifestyle is deeply interactive, it would be essential to bring technology into exhibitions to make our custom trade show exhibit and immersive experience for our audiences. 

Today, making the most of an international exhibition, involves keeping an in-depth tab on the newest technologies and trends and seeing how they can enhance your product display and user experience for the visitors on your exhibition booth.

Disruptive technologies which will reshape traditional trade show booths have arrived. Have a glance at a couple of them:

#1. AR – Augmented Reality:

Use Augmented Reality at Your Next Custom Trade Show Exhibit!

AR has truly been a game-changer when it comes to the exhibitions industry. What it does is that it blends what the users see in their actual surroundings with a computer-generated surroundings.The outcome is an engrossing and memorable user experience that traditional demos would never have generated.

With AR, one can demonstrate merchandise in terms of real-time, real size, and real environment. Once the AR is activated on a headset or mobile, an interactive 3D image of the merchandise would show up ahead of them.One can even interact with the merchandise by turning it, moving it, zooming in, etc to see intricate details. For example,  customers can choose a pair of shoes from the catalog, direct the phone towards their feet and it appears as if they were wearing the shoes.

Some AR systems utilize a camera or a monitor to recreate the nearby surroundings to enable the user to view the objects via a headset.

Now just imagine the potential of such a technology within an exhibition booth environment. If your traditional trade show booth display system could hold 100 products, with the AR experience the number of products that can be showcased is infinite. You would agree that trade show exhibitors always aim to keep the visitors engaged, immersed and excited! This is exactly what AR can do for your next custom trade show exhibit.

#2. LED in Trade show

Transparent LED Screens can transform your product displays!

While AR was all about taking your visitor out of the trade show environment into a world of your own; our next option – the transparent LED screens, build an exciting environment around product displays within your custom trade show exhibit. This touch screen technology transforms your product displays into engaging and interactive experiences.

With a transparent screen, an overlay is often created where any extra information about the merchandise is displayed ahead of it, unlike earlier where additional information was placed on a monitor that was kept adjacent to the merchandise on display.

The transparent box within which the merchandise is placed ensures that it can be seen and guarded, and at the same time the case can speak with you and interact with you. You can get all the product information you need at your fingertips.

All types of media are often displayed on the touch screen – animations, photos, text, and graphics, in any order that suits your business needs.

For example, if you are a medical device manufacturer who has opted for a custom trade show exhibit, you can use transparent LED screens wherein the interface can provide animations of the device, success rate figures, graphs, manufacturing specifications sheets, etc.

#3. Real-time Data and Analytics:

Big data analytics, as a disruptive technology, has spared none of the industries. From the medical sciences to the car industry, each industry has undergone a wave of change due to analytics.

Trade show owners can cash in of sensors powered by IoT to realize a full picture and details about how the visitors interact with the products on their custom trade show exhibit displays.

Unobtrusive sensors are used for the gathering of knowledge and thereby generating reports. This helps you in acquiring a specific report of the number of trade show visitors to a particular booth, the time they spend at each exhibit booth, and therefore the way they convey and converse with the brand as a whole.

This data is very valuable since it aids predict future trends and customer engagement. If you’re aiming for sponsors and vendors, you would like to urge accurate traffic counts and good footfalls.

Let us explore an example of devices that gather real time data and analytics. For instance, lets discuss smart-mats. These are sensor based mats that can measure traffic in any size/area. Other features which will be tracked with these mats are occupancy, waiting time, traffic flow, obstruction areas, etc. Another example can be heat maps that can track individual smartphones aside from revealing tracking interests and therefore the time spent at each booth.

Everything around us is changing very fast in 2020. Do not accept the plain-jane exhibition booth anymore. Demand more from your marketing team, demand more from your exhibition booth design agency, demand more from your experiential marketing agency – because definitely your customer is demanding more from your brand. When you choose the newest technology to be integrated with for your custom trade shows exhibits, don’t accept the old world TVs and corporate AVs, do something new and immersive.

Integrate technology into your exhibition booth!

Happy Exhibiting!

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