Eco-Friendly Exhibit Rentals make for the Best Trade Show Booths

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The Best Trade Show Booths/ Best Expo Stands are Eco Friendly Exhibit Rental Options that make Customers Happy and Also The Environment Happy

If your company participates at a lot of trade shows and you find yourself guilty of using build and burn trade show exhibit systems, then it’s time to reconsider your choices. Eco-Friendly Exhibit Rental systems are cost effective and easy on the environment. Their evolved design ensures that you are one amongst the best trade show booths on any exhibition ground. Read this article to know how you can reduce waste and add more value to the environment in your next trade show.

6 Simple Techniques for an Eco-Friendly Trade Show Exhibit

Are you and your brand conscious about the impact your activities make on the environment at large? Do you think that custom trade show booths with their build and burn systems are harmful to mother nature? Have you ever dwelled about what happens after the 4 days of the show to the entire booth? Have you ever urged your team to find out how dismantling of custom exhibition booths or modular exhibit systems happen at show sites globally? You might have the best trade show booth that you saw on the exhibition ground, but was it best for the environment also?

If you are going the eco-friendly way for a lot of things in your company, do not keep trade show booth design out of the list! Because the best trade show stands are the ones that are sustainable and eco-friendly exhibit rentals.

As the world disintegrates and our future lays uncertain, it would be only wise and prudent for us to switch to, and look for eco-friendly alternatives, for our trade show participations. Even more so, because most global exhibitions see non-recyclable materials being put to use making them highly unsustainable. Exhibition booth designs, especially in Europe, Middle East and Asia, are made with a build-and-burn philosophy where once the show is over the entire structure is axed, cleared and dumped. Only lights, electronics and large glasses are stored for future use. So what can you do to build something that counts as one of the best trade show booths on the floor and is also environment friendly? Here are some solutions:   

1. Build Your Small Size Exhibition Booth with an Eco-Friendly Exhibit Rental

So, as a start, you could consider many of the innumerable exhibit rental options that are provided by reputed exhibition booth design companies, in cases where the size of events is relatively small. This would not only save you 35% of the costs incurred during procurement of any single use items involved, but also reduce the post-event waste to a great deal.

2. Work With Local Suppliers to Build Your Exhibition Booth Design

Did you know many exhibition booth design structures are shipped or flown all the way across the world for trade shows! In this modern age, where the world is a global village, you might not have thought a lot about this. However, if you look at the impact of large shipments on the environment and how they contribute to carbon emissions you would look for alternatives to flying the entire structure to your international trade show.  So, looking for suppliers with an international network would be best if you were to hold the exhibitions elsewhere, i.e, overseas, rather than in your home country. This would facilitate convenient organisation of events across nations, and at the same time, reduce your share of contribution in the carbon emission to the environment. Remember the best expo stands are built by local companies who understand the rules of the exhibition as well as that of the venue.

3. Reuse Your Show Booth Displays or Entire Exhibition Stand For Multiple Trade shows

Reusable modular display systems are helpful for businesses which attend and conduct several events throughout the year. This helps such businesses to be cost effective, and also allows a great deal of flexibility. It thus contributes both to the business and the environment. If you thought that modular display systems meant that you booth looked exactly the same from one trade show to another, then think again. Modular displays are made keeping a number of permutations and combinations in mind when it comes to exhibition stand designing. You can get upto 20 looks with the same modular display system and they can be adapted across various booth sizes all the way from 10×10 exhibits to 20×20 booths.

4. Make Your Eco-Friendly Exhibit Rental Floor Using Carpet Tiles

When you think of an exhibition stand design, you generally think of display walls,   meeting room structures, etc. However, your flooring can be the 1st place where you adopt an eco-friendly approach. Carpet tiles are an ideal solution for you to adopt and eco-friendly, minimal waste, exhibition booth system. Carpet tiles are reusable and provide a green flooring solution. They are also durable and easy to clean. Besides having a long life, they can also be reused, by making yarns out of the fibre, or by moulding them into flower pots, to prevent unnecessary contribution to waste generation.

5. Exhibition Booth Lighting: Go White to Go Green

Trade shows in the USA have ample ambient light and hence many exhibitors do not put on additional lights on their exhibition booths. However, if you have a specially customised exhibition booth design that calls for special exhibition lighting then you must opt for LED lights only.

Use of LED bulbs that are energy efficient not only curbs your electricity costs, but contributes to efficient lighting while drawing less power and containing no toxic elements. They come in a variety of colours and light up both the exhibition and your work life. They last longer than traditional bulbs and so there is no need for their frequent replacement.

Lighting plays a very important role in attracting your customers and making them comfortable. Ensure that you have proper lighting to make one of the best trade show booths on the exhibition floor.

6. Best Trade Show Booths are made with the Heart and Mind

Is the pantry of your exhibition booth filled with cartons upon cartons of marketing collateral, paper bags and other knick-knacks which are not really necessary? I am sure your answer is a guilty yes! Reconsider your decision of carrying marketing collateral for your next trade show. Remember that printing of marketing collateral involves, or rather consumes, a lot of time, ink, paper and energy; which is not necessarily always an investment.  Digital modes of communications, such as USBs and QRs rather contribute to a hassle free, green and sustainable exhibition.

Some planning with a conscious mind can go a long way in treading more softly on earth. So next time you plan your exhibition booth design for a trade show, give some importance to the footprint your participation will leave on the earth’s resources and choose wisely so that you opt for at least some reusable or eco-friendly parts in your entire exhibition booth design. Small steps will make a big difference in the long run!

Happy Exhibiting!

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