Eco-Friendly Trade Show Booth Setup Ideas for Happier Exhibiting!

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The environment should not pay the cost of your Trade Show Booth Setup,
Exhibit Stand or Show Displays. Happy Exhibiting is about making the exhibitor,
customer and environment all happy.

Trade show booth setupscustomized booths and the marketing collateral used at these booths all create a huge amount of waste every year. Thinking sustainably can help decrease the environmental impact of the show. Going green doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. In fact, it can even help preserve your business money. Read this article to know how.

7 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Trade Show Booth Setup
for Happier Exhibiting!

In 2020 one of the things that we have realised is how savagely humanity has destroyed nature. Many-a-times we as individuals feel helpless as to what can be done. However, one person can make a big difference. If you are the person responsible for trade show participation and trade show booth setup at your company, you can contribute significantly to making the booth sustainable and eco-friendly. You know that trade shows create a huge amount of waste every year. Even your small changes can bring about a big difference in the long run. Do not worry, going green doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. In fact, it can even help preserve your business money.

Step 1: Go digital to give away less printed materials.

Let us start with the easiest step of making your trade show participation a bit environmentally conscious. You can choose to carry lesser marketing collateral for your visitors and replace those with digital collateral. This will be a one-time investment and you can use, reuse, update and upgrade the content of your e-brochure or digital catalogue as required. This will not only help you across trade shows but also across your other point of sales. Reassess your print needs by reflecting on what information you can send out digitally. This helps diminish paper waste at trade shows. You can also use environmentally mindful printers in the trade show host city. It evades the costs and carbon footprint of shipping.

Step 2: Use a local booth setup company

Another simple step is to use a local company for your trade show booth setup. You would wonder how this helps the environment? Using local resources ensures that your exhibit does not have to travel from far off places. It saves on transportation costs and hence impacts the environment positively. So, if your exhibition is at the Las Vegas Convention Centre then you should choose amongst companies that provide trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas. This has another advantage as well, if you need anything last minute then the factory of your stand builder would not be too far to get it.

Step 3: Pay Attention to the Packing of Your Exhibit

Once you handover your exhibition stall design and fabrication to your stand contractor you do not generally handle the packing of your exhibit. However, just in case you are using a structure that you pack yourself, then try to use resources that can fit on one palette and be packed tightly. This helps shrink the number of trucks on the road inclusively. You’ll also be decreasing the amount of pollution caused. Remember that packing and shipping of the exhibit is more important than its weight.

Step 4: Select wisely between exhibit rental structures and customized booths

While exhibiting in the USA you always have the option of selecting between a modular trade show booth v/s a customized booth. Modular trade show booths use standard structures that can be refurbished and reused. These structures are more eco-friendly than custom built ones as they are reused timed and again. Custom structures on the other hand are made to order and follow a build and burn kind of system. So they are generally not reused. So you need to see if you really need a customized booth or if one of the many modular exhibits shall work for your purpose. Every time you reuse your trade show exhibit, you’ll be making your pocket as well as the environment happy.

We recommend that you warehouse and reuse your trade show booth setup whenever you can. You can re-skin facets, switch graphics and rearrange the booth layout. It will enable you to make a new look without having to build a completely new display every few years.

Step 5: When traveling to trade shows, try to fly nonstop.

It’s an easy way for your team to make an environmental impact. Planes generate much more pollution ascending to altitude than they do while cruising. Cutting down on multiple flights is one of the simplest eco-friendly ways for business trips.

Step 6: Choose an environmentally-cognisant convention centre.

This is really not in your hands when it comes to a trade show, but if you are attending an event then you can keep this point in mind. Look out for venues that have the LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is not easy to attain, so this verifies that the facility is dedicated to sustainability.

Step 7: Use eco-friendly materials in your trade show display.

Exhibitions see a host of new materials being used with it comes to trade show booth setups. Did you know that there is 100% recyclable graphics available in the market? Did you know that the carpet you select can also be recycled? Did you know that LED lights are environmentally friendly as compared to HQIs. Learn a bit more about exhibition materials and how eco-friendly they are and most importantly how you can integrate them into your trade show booth setup.

There are many more ways to go green the next exhibition season. If you think a little and dig deep into materials and processes then you will realise that there is a green alternative at every step. So next time you create an impactful trade show booth setup, try to tread lightly on the environment. If you need some green ideas then get in touch with our experts.

Remember, happy exhibitions are the ones that respect everyone, including the earth.

Happy Exhibiting!

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