Embrace Technology in Your Next Trade Show Design

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Applications to use at your next exhibition to make a modern trade show design/exhibition
booth design/display exhibit that is in line with the times and can maximize your
interactions, save time for you, and also be fun for your audiences.

Technology has been simplifying processes and enhancing user experience since over 2 decades now. Your exhibition booth can become well managed by using these simple apps that not only help you save time but also value the time of your customers. Make a modern trade show design that wows your audience and ensures that your trade show booth participation is not an overwhelming task for your growing business anymore.

Embracing Technology in Your Next Trade Show Design 

Trade shows require a lot of planning and hard work, and when the trade show starts in full swing, it becomes hard to track all that is happening everywhere on a large exhibition booth. However, come technology and this daunting task can be simplified to a greater extent. Manage your tradeshow booth at the tips of your fingers with these must-have mobile apps that will give your customers the feel of a modern trade show design and also simplify your work at the exhibition booth: 

Technology has made our work as simple as possible. From meeting our needs to doing our paperwork to communicating, we can be grateful that we are born in this time. Trade shows have always been a great opportunity for any company that wishes to increase its business and create an established place for itself in the industry. However, managing a large tradeshow booth is quite complicated, especially if you’re the head then it often becomes a headache to keep track of everything. However, technology is here to save us again. Here are some really cool mobile application categories that will make the work easier for you:

1. Card Scanning Application for Tradeshows: CamCard

One of the most useful application to have while participating in any trade exhibition is a card scanning application. You would agree that your exhibition booth sees a large number of footfalls every day. A card scanning application like CamCard helps you organise the visitor contacts simply by scanning their cards. It can also link with your CRM and send you reminders, make notes and post show help you determine what query did a particular customer visit your exhibition stand with. You can use the free trial of CamCard first and then opt for a simple paid version if you like it.   

2. Conducting Surveys on your Exhibition Booth: QuickTapSurvey

Trade shows help you determine the pulse of the industry and also aid in understanding market readiness for new products that you wish to develop. QuickTapSurvey is a data collection and survey tool with which you can design quick questionnaires that your visitors on your exhibition stand can take. This app lets you scan signatures, helps you categories data and also conducts a degree of analysis for the data gathered. So the next time you conduct a survey on your exhibition booth consider exploring this application for sure.  

3. Make Money Transactions Safely at your Tradeshow Booth: Square App

May it be a B-B tradeshow or a large consumer exhibition like CES, most people do not carry a lot of cash on them at large gatherings like trade exhibitions. If you are a company that sells products on your exhibition booth you know that you will get most payments via card. The square application is one of the best mobile credit card processing applications that can easily be used at your events and tradeshows. The app lets you accept NFC transactions and EVM chip cards and also allows for swiping. This app is compatible with both iphone and android devices.

4. Manage Your Tradeshow Booth & Team Expenses with the Expensify App

Participating at a tradeshow is an expensive affair. Apart from organiser expenses of electricity, labour, graphic printing, etc. there are team travel, stay and food expenses. It becomes very important to collate all the expenses at one place with the bills and that is exactly what the Expensify app can do for you and your team attending the exhibition. If your company is a large corporation then the application also has features of automatic reconciliation of credit card and next-day reimbursements. As an icing on the cake this app integrates itself with various accounting softwares. 

Other Application Categories that You can Explore At Your Next Modern Trade Show Design: 

The Schedule Management Applications for trade shows  

Having a larger company means it’s very difficult to take note of all the scheduled deliveries, transportation and shifts at multiple trade shows. Therefore a mobile app which will take care of all these things is a must-have. There are some apps like ‘When I Work’ which automatically update and notify about the scheduling tasks and allow the staff to communicate about the whole scheduling with the managers.

Messaging Apps for seamless communication at the exhibition booth

Having a messaging app that includes all your staff, business heads and managers in one group is a great way of keeping in touch with everyone and keeping track of everybody’s work. Apps like WhatsApp, Slack and GroupMe are available in PlayStore or Appstore and can be explored for this purpose. 

The Lead Capturing App. without Wifi for use at your trade show booth

There are many leads capturing that will be available and you can install them on your iPad. These apps don’t even require Wi-Fi or a stable data connection to work and work well even in offline mode. When you are talking to customers at your next trade show you can just make them enter all their contact details and name. Apps like Leadature also allows you to scan business cards, send emails to customers and analyze metrics. 

Visitor Engagement Apps to make your Modern Trade Show Design Come Alive

Now comes one of the most important apps that you will be needing for a trade show. The visitor engagement apps are a great way of engaging and interacting with the visitors and you can do it all just through your iPad. Apps like Prize Wheel and Pixel Snap will do the work for you. Basis your exhibition requirements and level of interaction with customers you can explore a huge variety of app interactions for this purpose.

On a concluding note it is important to remember that today integrating technology at your exhibition stand is not an exception but an expectation. More and more trade show attendees are comfortable with technology integration and many trade shows are known for the kind of innovative engagement strategies that their exhibitors use. So next time, whether you have a small 10×10 booth or a large 30×30 trade show booth, be sure to embrace technology and create an innovative and modern trade show design and experience. 

Happy Exhibiting!

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