Exhibition Booth Designs Layouts For L-Shaped Spaces

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The perfect design ideas for L-Shaped Exhibition Booth Designs / Trade Show Booth Designs/ Custom Exhibits

Are L-shaped exhibition booth design layouts a challenge for designers? Is the traditional rectangle booth the ideal space? If you ever had these questions about your trade show booth designs then read this article to know how a custom exhibit made specially for an L shaped booth can actually work to your advantage. 

 L-Shaped Exhibition Booths and How to Design Them Effectively

Many a times while booking an exhibition space, clients have to make the difficult choice between selecting a square/rectangle trade show booth layout in an average location or a corner L-shaped booth space in an excellent location which expects more footfalls. So, how does one decide which of the spaces will give the correct ROI for the company and justify the expense on the exhibition booth?

While most seasoned exhibitors are well aware about how to use rectangle booths, they often fumble about how to effectively use a L shaped exhibition stand layout in designing.

Advantages of L Shaped Trade Show Booth Layouts

1. You can segment your exhibition booth design space in such a way that one side can be designed for high-end customers, or for a complete lounge seating with a serving area, or even a product library and the other side can entertain walk-ins and general queries with a simple reception counter and high tables.

2. If you have niche products that you do not want to showcase to the general audience at large you can keep one side of the custom trade show booth private and ‘by-invite-only’ and the other side can be used to display generic products and brand information

3. Since you have an L shaped exhibition stand layout, 90% chances are that you are at a corner of the exhibition hall. Corners see the advantages of addressing 2 aisles with branding. So it’s a good idea to take your fascia or even avail of rigging so that your company branding can be seen from a distance.

Let us discuss a couple of L shaped booths and how they were designed

The exhibition booth design for CPHI WW client Nectar Lifesciences Ltd., was a unique one because of its L shaped layout exhibition stand layout. L-shaped booths have the main disadvantage of dividing the booth into 2 parts such that each space looks smaller. To give an element of continuity to the booth we have kept a continuous graphic that covers the entire exhibition booth. It gives a flow to the exhibition booth design and also unites it. The use of white colour makes the booth look large, as white reflects light and gives the feeling of being in a bright open space. The white is contrasted with a dash of the brand colour orange and the brand element of butterflies that add an element of warmth and aesthetics to the space. Lastly, the branding is done such that it addresses visitors from both sides. Also, care is taken not to make the fascia too bulky so as to retain the openness of the space.

L-Shaped Exhibition Booth Layouts in USA v/s Europe

If you keep the above 3 points in mind and work with a good exhibition booth design company that understands the local rules as well as has experience at the venue, then you will find it quite easy to work around your odd exhibition booth layout

So, next time you have the choice of selecting an L-shaped exhibition booth layout in a high footfall location against a normal rectangular booth in a lower footfall hall, do not hesitate to select the L shaped space. It can be the highlighting factor of the booth and you may even prefer it to rectangular booths in the same hall next year. 

Also, if you need some expert advice while booking your exhibition booth space or even after you have booked the space, you need someone to conceptualize, design and execute a stand design that is in line with your brand imagery and trade show booth objectives then get in touch with us. We are a global company that has offices in the USA, Europe and Asia. With extensive exhibition booth building experience across geographies we understand the nitty-gritties of trade show booth design and build and can give you a stress free exhibition experience.

Happy Exhibiting!

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