How Live Streaming via Youtube Increases the Exposure of your Exhibition Stand Booth

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Companies create their exhibition stand booth designs and participate in exhibitions with the primary objective of connecting with more and more customers. However, come 2020, the world has gone virtual and your traditional trade booth is not seeing the audiences it previously used to pull in. This blog explores how you can integrate virtual audience interaction within your on ground stand design from the very 1st stage so that you don’t miss on those essential footfalls.

Did you know that 45% of the people in the world are online? Did you know that the amount of time an average American spends on social media during the pandemic of 2020 is over 4 hours a day! If your audiences are all online, don’t you think you should meet them there? It is not necessary that all your customers can attend the trade show that you are putting up a stand/booth in. So why not take the booth to them? Wouldn’t they just love it if you could meet them midway and save the customer a lot of time and money? 

Take your onground booth online! 

YouTube and Google work collaboratively to make live event video streaming freely accessible for anyone with a strong Internet connection. With this technology, the avenues for businesses to magnify event participation, develop product awareness, and upturn their return on investment from your exhibition stand booth are huge. Also, with the world going virtual during 2020, it is important to include online strategies into your onground tradeshow display. So how do you go about establishing your trade show participation online?  

1) Establish An Online Presence for your Upcoming Trade Show 

The most imperative step toward securing the benefits of live streaming is to make and verify your YouTube account. This allows you to reap the benefits of Google+ Hangouts on Air and produce live two-way broadcasts, which permits you to engage directly with potential customers who could not attend the exhibition but can yet virtually meet you via your online exhibition stand / booth. 

2) Promote Your Stand Booth via Social Media Platforms 

From accumulating high-profile presenters or performers to circulating information widely about your tradeshow through social media and direct email marketing campaigns, you are perhaps already doing a great job of endorsing your trade show exhibit rental.

When it comes to publicizing the live stream of your event, you also need to have a sturdy online presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media is the most essential factor in growing your tradeshow booths online audience.

3) Carefully Plan and Produce Your Online Event within your Onground Exhibition Stand / Booth

Start planning your online event after verifying your YouTube account and cultivating audiences. As such, you need to deliberate on issues like viewing angles, lighting, and sound in the milieu of both your real-world event and your live-streaming feed. Ensure that your recording equipment is set up so people won’t pass straight in front of a camera and microphones won’t pick up background conversations. Take special care of your tradeshow lighting as that will play a huge role in video streaming quality. You will also, of course, need to think of ways to make elements like cameras and microphones discreet and instruct your guest and staff members to pay attention to both audiences simultaneously.

4) Take Advantage of Two-Way Communication Features in your Exhibition Booth Streaming

The ideal live streaming events make the online audience feel as though they are contributing alongside the actual guests at your event. A great and easy way to enhance your online audience’s connection is to use two-way communication features that help virtual audience participation. Using Google+ Hangouts on Air, you can ask online attendees to submit questions to a moderator or even interact openly with the host of your event using text or video chat. 

5) Start Exploring Virtual Trade Shows

The trade show industry has been around for over a 100 years! It will not ever be redundant! But you cannot contradict that the way trade shows are conducted and the way people set up stand / booths is changing rapidly. In 2020 over 10,000 onground tradeshows globally were cancelled and what took their place was a new budding format of virtual trade shows. Yes, it’s new! Yes, it’s a bit comfortable to understand and follow, but it is worth your investment of time and resources. 

Post Covid-19, the onground trade shows will continue but definitely virtual trade shows will gain more and more prominence. People will start preferring them to travelling and will start becoming more technology savvy when it comes to their exhibitions. So this is the time you need to invest into learning this new format and even participating in it. It can show you an alternative to the onground trade show and also enhance your online participation at an onground tradeshow. Because in the future no trade show will work on ground without having an online integration. 

On a closing note, Interacting with the followers, posting updates, and reminding people about the trade show are all great ways to drive online traffic to your live stream and boost your event’s exposure. By creating ways for online participation, attendees feel encompassed by your brand and are persuaded to spread the word. Embracing change and technology is not an exception today but an expectation. It is important to understand the world of virtual trade shows and events and incorporate them into the irreplaceable system of onground tradeshows. 

Happy Exhibiting!

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