How to Maximise Your 20×20 Trade Show Booth Design

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Get the most from your 20×20 Booth investment by learning about this interesting exhibition booth design ideas exhibit rentals solutions.

A 20×20 trade show booth is one of the best booth sizes you can get in the USA. It is not too large and neither too small – making it easy to manage and spacious. Read this article to know how you can maximise your investment in your exhibition booth by adopting these innovative ideas that work well for both exhibit rental booths as well as custom booth designs. 

How to Maximise Your 20×20 Trade Show Booth Design

If you’ve got an upcoming trade show or exposition there’ll be many choices for you to make: from what kind of branding to select for your display to the physical size of your booth every choice you create will matter and reflect upon your business. When it involves booth size many marketing executives and business owners swear by a 20×20 booth for its sheer versatility. It’s true, a medium-sized display has the best of both worlds, and a 20×20 trade show booth design is one of the most versatile in terms of design possibilities.  It’s certainly large enough to exhibit a spread of products and services but still sufficiently small to stick to most budgets and locations. If you’ve already selected a 20×20 booth design for your next expo or fair, then congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice!

Now you have to make your next choice; selecting the perfect exhibition booth design or exhibit rental options that fits your exhibition objectives and budget. To assist your decision, we’ve compiled a couple of our favorite tricks and tips that will surely make your 20×20 trade show booth design engaging, interactive and most importantly brand-relevant. 

1. Create an Interactive Trade Show Exhibit

To say that a trade show may be a busy experience would be putting it lightly. Attending an expo is an intensely sensory ordeal: there are blaring and blinking lights throwing up a rainbow of hues; speakers pumping music announcements and demos; corridors of sales teams and endorsers touting various branded giveaways. There are plenty of options to learn new things, network and make connections. For a business owner or marketing team, an outsized industry event could be a game-changer. It is a chance to make guests remember their brand even days after the trade show is over.

To create a memorable experience for the buyer many brands have built an immersive world within their display. By doing this prospective customers and attendees won’t feel that they’re entering a monetized sales space. Instead, they’re going to be engaging within the unique world of your brand. To turn your 20×20 trade show booth design into a branded immersive world it helps to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. What is the main purpose of participation in the trade show for your company?
  2. What takeaway do you want your visitors to have from your booth?
  3. If they remember your booth/product – what is it that you want them to remember.

You can then conceptulise your brand message, booth design and interactive experiences around these 3 fundamental questions. Remember, most successful trade show displays have a component of play or quirkiness to them, albeit the merchandise itself may be serious.

To think of some quirky ideas give your booth design company or your experiential marketing company a little different brief by answering these questions. 

  1. If your brand had a smell what would it be?
  2. how about taste or sound of your brand?
  3. If you had a mascot then what would it look like? 

These questions may sound a bit strange but they’re going to assist you to create a cohesive immersive display that will help you communicate both with the conscious and subconscious mind of your customers.

2. Focus on Customer Engagement at Your Next Trade Show Exhibit

When it involves creating a memorable trade show display it’s crucial that prospects and consumers are ready to interact with your brand. Depending on your product and its purpose, of course the level of engagement will vary greatly, but even small engagements go a long way in assisting brand recall. You would agree that after an invigorating day at the fair, attendees are unlikely to recollect all the booths they have visited, or even remember 50% of them. Instead, they’ll be discussing the unique interaction that they had with the various technologies and experiences that they had throughout the day.

Stand out from the normal exhibit rentals by creating an interactive experience for your prospects. Here are some interesting ideas for customer engagement at your next 20×20 trade show booth.

  1. It’s no secret that the millennial loves taking their photos, photo-based social media, and taking pictures on their devices. Lean into this by creating a photo booth studio complete with props sets and of course a branded hashtag etc.
  2. Bring a star to the fair. Influencer marketing has exploded over the past few years and this trend is here to stay. If your brand has already worked with an influencer, a trade exhibition may be a great time to allow them to do a meet and greet. If you haven’t worked with one yet an enormous expo may be a great time to start.
  3. Technology Advancements to Explore at Your Next 20×20 Trade Show Booth

Technology gets more impressive daily and there’s no better place to utilize it than at a trade fair. In recent years many brands are bringing virtual and augmented reality to their trade booths. These technologies are both interactive and immersive. If you’re trying to find a couple of ideas on the way to incorporate alternate realities into your 20×20 booth design consider these:

  1. creating a creative version of your brand logo with VR with a computer game headset and you can transport your prospects anywhere. You could use this to allow them to experience the simplest version possible of your brand and mission.
  2. Let your client become your mascot by using photo filters that Instagram popularized to rework your visitors into your mascot or another branded character. Offer incentives for them to post it on social media with a branded hashtag.
  3. Use augmented reality to offer your prospects a virtual tour by employing a set of headgears and a few touchscreens. Using this technology, your visitors can show themselves around your trade show booth display. This enables them to feel less pressure to remain in your booth and allows them to study your brand at their own pace. It also gives your staff the prospect to truly make sales instead of the pitch all day.

Nobody knows the tips and tricks of trade show tactics like our team at Exhibit Rentals. With over 50 man-years of experience, a powerful fleet of rentals and a continuing finger to the heartbeat of the industry we are your best choice within the country for planning your next expo. Get tuned-in with our knowledgeable team today so that we can chat about your vision for your brand and your budget. All you have to do is confirm that you simply choose the proper booth for your business and we are here to assist you with each step along the way.

Happy Exhibiting!

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