Infuse your Trade Show Booth with Creativity & Engagement

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Innovative exhibition booth design ideas, creative engagement strategies and customized experiences shall make your trade show booth come alive for your audiences!

With so many exhibit rental options in the market, how does one select which one is the best for making the perfect customer experience. The answer is to close your eyes to all of them and think a bit creatively! Read this article to build a trade show booth that is centered around the customer and drenched in creativity that is sure to break the clutter of exhibition booths on any fairground.

Creative Trade Show Display Design Trends to
Look out for This Exhibition Season

Be it any type of marketing, creativity is absolutely essential. Thinking creatively and doing things that are clutter breaking is very important, if you want your brand to be etched in the minds of your audiences. Likewise, creativity is key when it comes to your trade show booth design and engagement ideas as well. To assist you with this, we have charted out a list of things that need a touch of creativity while you are preparing for your next show.

1. Get Creative and Put Up a Unique Booth Design

Your exhibition stand design is the most important aspect when it comes to attracting the eye-balls and foot-falls at an exhibition floor that sees over a 1000 exhibitors’ trade show booths. Did you know that a trade show visitor can recollect not more than 20% of the booths that they have seen in the entire show duration. Obviously, as an exhibitor, you want to be in that 20% of booths that are remembered. You can do this by investing time and efforts to explain your purpose of participation and trade show objectives to your exhibition booth design company. Ensure that if you are adopting a standard exhibit rental system or a modular booth design then you focus on the little things that you have control over – for example, a different carpet colour, or clutter-breaking innovative graphics that adorn the structure. 

If you have the budgets to make a custom exhibition stand then you can get really creative with the structure itself. Think or look up the booths made by companies like google and facebook and you will know what I mean. They need not be heavy structures with complex CNC cutting, but they are really customised to give the brand a physical expression.

Lastly, 10×10 exhibits and 10×20 exhibits are not allowed rigging, however if your booth is any size above these two you can explore the option of adding a hanging signage to your trade show booth. Rigging gives you the advantage of having visible branding from a distance and also allows the booth to look more magnificent. While USA has standard rigging structures that are available in standard shapes and sizes, you also have the option of spending a little more to get a completely customised rigging. I remember an exhibition booth that had hung balloons across its entire ceiling, and that was 3 years back. So yes, something unique in your exhibition booth design will surely make for a memorable brand exhibit.  

2. Fill Your Trade Show Booth with Fun, Engagement & Activities

Your exhibition stand serves more than just one intent. It not only symbolises you and your brand at the show but also aids you to attract more crowds and even retain them. Retaining customer attention requires tact. A good way to confirm this is by planning and organising user engagement activities at your booth. This part of your exhibition plan will need you to think out-of-the-box.

Many brands have begun conducting such activities at exhibitions, you need to know your brand and think about games and tricks to develop a fun and lively environment at your booth while still staying true to your brand image.

In terms of engagement you can explore technology options like AR and VR. You can also have motion sensors along your booth that give our particular messages when people step onto a particular spot. Another option that can be discovered is to have touch screen plasmas that have simple games incorporated into them, eg – A jigsaw puzzle made around your product image! If you want activities at your trade show booth that are crowd pullers then you can explore celebrity meet and greets, wine and cheese tasting activities and small sessions by celebrity chefs.

When it comes to engagement ideas you can have a brainstorming session with your marketing team or even employ an experiential marketing agency that specialises in providing these ideas and renting our these technologies.

Your exhibition stand, stand ideas, user engaging activities, etc everything needs to paint a broad picture. There must be a fundamental theme so that the audience can relate to everything and form an inclusive image of your brand. When everything is in sync with each other you are surely going to generate an unforgettable impression on your audience.

Exhibition stands are the face of the brands and companies displaying at the exhibition. Exhibition stands give you the chance to allow your creativity to run free, but remember to always keep it brand relevant. It is a good chance for you to implement some great ideas and make your exhibition stand the focus of the show. 

So, if you have a little 10×10 exhibit, mid-sized 20×20 trade show booth or even a massive pavilion, be sure you give it that extra touch of creative thinking. People might not remember structures, graphics and even products – but they will definitely remember the experiences that they had at your trade show booth. Make sure to think about making these experiences come alive for each visitor and you have achieved your success at the show.

Happy Exhibiting!

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