Lets Go On: Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths Post Covid-19

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Trade show booths in USA are for the 1st time not restricted to the exhibit rentals structures
and can be any custom booth design that you can imagine! Welcome to the world
of virtual reality trade show booths!

Trade show booths and in fact the entire exhibitions industry in the USA, of over 100 years has suddenly, for the 1st time in a century, come to a halt. While booth setup companies and trade show marketing companies are struggling to survive, exhibit rentals have got a breath of life with the onset of virtual trade shows. This article explores virtual reality trade show booths and how they are the innovation in the trade show booth industry post Covid-19.

Let the show go on (Virtually): Reimagining trade show booths post Covid-19

The world is changing. Everything has felt a ripple effect of the pandemic. The way we live and interact, the way we work and communicate, the way we move around and travel. Every bit of our lives, every segment of each industry has been impacted. With everything changing at such a fast pace, remote meetings and conferences are becoming the new normal. And virtual reality trade show booths has become the present reality. It will be different. The shift is necessary. This is the reality of change, where we are ‘together-apart’. But, reimagining every experience in real-time. An experience where space is not a constraint and the whole world becomes your playground. An experience where you are distant but connected. This is the power of virtual reality trade show booths.

Just immerse and experience!

Leading in a new chapter in customer experience that enables organizations to showcase their infinite product lineup and future vision. One that is innovative, immersive and highly engaging. Trade show booth designs segment is competitive, because at the end the whole game is about footfall. And, virtual reality trade show booths provide the much-needed wow factor for the audience.

Getting Deeper into VR in trade show booths

An innovation that uses technology to create a simulated environment, an artificial world where the user is transported. An environment where the user interacts with all the fictional elements through a VR headset. It serves as the most efficient, cost-effective alternative to building, transporting, and presenting hundreds of physical products on the go.

It brings along great achievement in interactive brand engagement and makes the whole experience portable and reproducible at a one-time nominal cost.

The perks of Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths

1. The Virtual Tour:  With many places still closed and physical constraints still present

2. Virtual reality trade show booths allow you to get people into your place, business, and conversation lounge.

A visual journey blended with a cutting-edge virtual demo: Traditionally, product demos were limited to physical presence of the product or showcasing them on electronic mediums using a simple format. But virtual reality trade show booths have changed the game.

Imagine a customized and highly innovative environment where you could immerse your audience completely in what you do, in what your product has the power to do? Such is the power of VR, that can transport users to all sorts of settings, showcasing all kinds of products. Because, not every industry can tow around a product sample to show-off due to the logistical nightmare. Virtual demos, 360 degree experiences, highly realistic 3D renderings interacting with the user’s surroundings creates a surrealistic experience beyond imagination.

3. Customization to achieve Customer Satisfaction

The way to stand out is to focus on the customer rather than focusing on the competition. Because, if you are competitor-focused, you look out for what the competitor is doing. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering. Virtual Reality focuses on the individual and on their specific experience where they get the power to customize virtual exhibits in a way unique to them.

4. Maximize Space, Minimize Cost

VR gives you the power to bring your entire showroom into your  trade show booth design, giving you limitless square footage.  It also gives power to the visitors to get up-close, personal and interactive with your brand, a chance for them to even try the products themselves. This directly leaves an impact on building trust with the customer, increasing their chance of making an investment or building a relationship with the brand on the spot.

5. Story that leaves an impact

Virtual Reality Trade Show Booths are not just about technology and innovation. It has the ability to build an emotional connection, take the visitor on a journey. This plays a significant role when brands are striving to explain their products or services. Impactful, storytelling experiences like these are the ones that the customers remember and take back with them. The aim is to create memories for every visitor at the booth.

6. Gamify to Amplify

When you have fun then you’re more interested in learning, because fun is just another word for learning. An approach that keeps things interesting and facilitates networking where the audience is automatically attracted towards joining the league. It also gives a platform to raise rewards and surprise the audience, directly driving them to the exhibition booth setup, albeit virtual.

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