Lighting up Customized Booth at Your Next Trade show

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Your custom trade show exhibit/custom trade show booth design/custom trade show display deserves prominence. Lighting can make a difference and make you really stand out.

While you invest a lot of money and time to get the perfect customized booth for your trade show in the USA, there is one important point to consider that can make or break your trade show success – and that is booth lighting! May it be an exhibit rental booth, a completely customized booth or a custom modular booth, booth lighting can make a huge impact on generating walkins and making people comfortable. Read this article to know more. 

Lighting Up Your Customized Booth at Your Next Trade show

If you built a new home, you would spend lots of time and money deciding on the right light fittings for each room. Your bedroom would have a different kind of light, your study would have a different kind of lighting, your kitchen would have a different kind of light and if you have a bar area you would definitely select some custom lights for it. You know that lighting plays a huge role when it comes to home or workplace productivity. While natural light is ideal, indoor trade shows do not have this benefit. Hence when you design your customized booth, you need to focus on lighting it correctly. Let us discuss some important aspects when it comes to booth lighting: Here are 7 essential points to take your product demonstration on your trade show display a notch higher.

1. Focus of customized booth.

  1. With a well-designed trade show display within your customized booth you could use lighting to lead visitors to look where you want them to look. Perhaps towards a television or computer monitor, maybe to a single product under a glass display, take in the whole exhibit at one time or look directly at something particular, you can influence your attention with the proper lighting. Focus lighting is ideal for product displays and graphics. Ensure that your focus lights are environment friendly LED lights.

2. Depth of customized booth.

Lighting can add depth to a trade show exhibit space by utilizing the exhibit space, back and side walls of the exhibit, and the shadows. Also keep in mind that too little contrast between object and direct background makes it hard to differentiate the object from the background.

3. Mood of customized booth.

Can you imagine a bar that is filled with bright white light? Or an operation theatre which has warm yellow lights? Probably not. Mood is very important and lights enhance the mood. So your exclusive lounge on your customized booth can have warm yellow lights and lots of plants to give a comfortable and relaxed feeling. Your main information counter area can have white light and be well lit so that people feel encouraged to come and interact. The idea is to think of the spaces within the booth and accentuate them with lighting.

4. Decor of customized booth.

If you have the budgets and your trade show exhibit company has the inventory then you can opt for various options of decor lights available. One of our clients wanted a booth design that was based on the ‘industrial chic’ concept. This kind of design needed ‘farmhouse’ lights for lighting the booth. While the exhibition booth design and structure did add to the chic vibe of the booth, the lights were the feather in the cap. They were the ones that really gave the feel to the booth. So it is an excellent idea to invest in good decor lights, they can really set your booth apart from the rest. 

5. Safety of customized booth.

When it comes to lighting, there is more to deliberate on than just how many light bulbs to use. More than balancing the mood and décor, there has to be an understanding of electrical needs, codes and limitations. You always want to make certain that the sources of light are hidden but that your exhibition booth is lit enough to keep visitors safe and accident free.

Since you understand the functions that lighting does, it is time to make a brief note of the kinds of lighting used by trade show stand builders to make customized booths. Here is a list of the lights that are most commonly warehoused by stand fabrication companies.

  1. LED Arm Lights – Arm lights are ideal for lighting graphics and displays at a booth. These come in pure white, warm white and yellow colours.
  2. LED spot lights – While arm lights have a large throw, spot lights are used to highlight a particular spot – eg a product display.
  3. LED Downlights – These are lights that are concealed into ceiling or pelmets. They come in small, medium and large diameters and are perfect for lighting meeting rooms. They also come in pure white, warm white and yellow colours.
  4. HQI Lights – These are power guzzlers and are now uncommon in exhibitions in the USA. However, they are used in other parts of the world. These are huge and heavy lights and 1 such light can light your entire 10×20 exhibit.
  5. Decor Lights – For a customized booth design, these lights see most important. They are the fancy ones that adorn bar areas, lounges and even the entire booth sometimes. They attract visitors’ attention from far.
  6. LED Strips – When you have glass displays and want lighting within it, for example a diamond display shelf that demands that the product has lighting on it, then LED strips are used. They are also used for lighting edge-lit logos and backlit graphics. The best part about LED strips are that they are very light and easy to install. 

On a concluding note, people receive 85% of their information through their sense of sight so it is vital to ensure the lighting is precise at your trade show display so people can see what you want them to see. Keeping these things in mind, may the light shine bright on your exhibit rental always! 

Happy Exhibiting!

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