Modular Exhibits and Why They a Perfect Choice for Seasoned Exhibitors

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Custom trade show booth designs v/s modular exhibits or exhibit rentals is a difficult choice; make it easy by knowing these key points about modular stands and why they work well in the USA.

Modular Exhibits have been in the USA for a long time; however, now they are gaining global acceptance. Modular exhibition booths are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly and are perfect for short built-up times that are increasingly becoming popular in global trade shows. Read this article to help you decide between a custom trade show booth design v/s a modular trade show booth v/s a custom modular display design. 

Are you familiar with modular exhibition booths? Do you know they happen to be the future of exhibitions? Read this article to understand why modular exhibits are gaining more and more popularity amongst seasoned as well as first-time exhibitors.

Exhibitions have always been fast evolving and the more we age, the more futuristic the exhibition gets. That’s the goal of an exhibition to be honest. To be attractive and at the same time be within a defined budget. Presently, modular exhibition booths look to be the promising future for exhibitions, not only in the USA but also increasingly in Europe.

Here are 5 reasons that will help you choose between custom trade show booth designs v/s modular exhibition booth designs.

Top Reasons Why Modular Exhibition Booths are Gaining Popularity Today

1. Featherweight Modular Exhibits Have Low Drayage Costs

Modular exhibition booths are made of extra light materials which provide a remarkable difference in weight compared to custom trade show exhibits. In the US your structure is weighed to the nearest 100 lbs and then taken into the show site. You, as an exhibitor, are charged for the weight of the structure and its material handling at the show site. This cost can be almost 30% of the cost of the entire booth. Modular Exhibits are made to minimize drayage costs and this is one of the primary advantages of modular exhibition booths when compared with customised trade show booths. While drayage as a concept does not exist in Europe, fairground there are starting to charge material handling fees and hence modular structures are slowly making an entry there as well.

2. Longevity and Reusability of Modular Exhibits

Despite being extra light, a modular exhibition stands if bought from a proper source guarantees you with great longevity. If you can plan your trade show calendar a year in advance, you can warehouse your modular exhibition booth and reuse it with various permutations and combinations such that every time you have a new design and new graphic but are using the same skeleton structure.

3. Versatile Design Possibilities Offered by Modular Displays Systems

Modular display systems have a flexible nature that allow for various design choices which can be used to present numerous layouts within different shapes and sizes. Modular exhibits can now integrate your product displays, hold heavy LEDs and have special provisions for shelves and heavy structures. So if you plan your requirements in advance, the system can generate various ways in which you can use the same structure over time.

4. Modular Exhibits are Affordable For Exhibitors on a Budget

Despite being so versatile, it’s very affordable and futuristic. Modular display systems are comparatively lower in weight when compared to their custom counterparts; and thereby have lesser drayage and material handling cost. They are also easily installable and hence require less labour and tools. Since agencies like Freeman and GES charge for labour by the hour in the USA, modular systems are much more cost effective when compared to custom built exhibition booth designs.

5. Modular Exhibits are Low on Maintenance if You Choose to Buy Them

You can work around one modular exhibit for years. Modular display systems are developed with years of R&D and are often patented. What this means for you is that they are tried and tested, and if some part gets damaged, there are simple ways to repair or replace these to get your system back in place. They are an investment which can give excellent returns for years.

6. Modular Exhibition Systems Make for Eco-Friendly Trade shows

Exhibitions today are increasingly trying to reduce their footprint on the environment. Europe has come up with the system of Stand Plan Audit wherein the exhibitor has to explain what materials are used to build the booth and are they ‘build and burn’ materials or are they reusable and eco-friendly. Modular exhibition systems are always reusable, also they use fabric prints as compared to tarpaulin or flex, they use less resources and seldom use wood. Hence they are now gaining popularity all across Europe as well.

The initial drawbacks of modular exhibition systems and exhibit rentals systems in terms of design and aesthetics have been addressed over the years in many ways. Today with beautiful design possibilities, low costs and less work, modular systems are the go to choice for seasoned as well as first time exhibitors. In the coming decade we shall see this becoming the preferred choice not only in the USA but also in Europe, Australia, Japan and some other regulated exhibitions markets globally. So next time you need to choose between a customised trade show booth design or a modular exhibition system, do consider the many advantages that a modular exhibit can provide. And, if you are not yet convinced then go halfway and opt for a custom modular display that mixes the best of both worlds!

Happy Exhibiting!

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