Tips to Achieve the Perfect Trade Show Booth Display

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Your trade show booth display/exhibit rentals/exhibition booth rental needs to be in line with your brand imagery and product specifications. Do it correctly from the 1st step.

Wouldn’t it be simple if someone put a checklist or a formula to getting the perfect trade show booth display? Yes, we did just that for you. If you struggle each time with getting the correct exhibition booth design and finding the best exhibit rental company then read this article and you will find the solution to your stresses.

5 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Trade Show Booth Display

When it comes to setting up the perfect exhibition booth with a perfect trade show booth display for your products and graphics, you know that the devil is in the details. Since, it is no easy task, you need to be planned, prepared and precautious at each step. Here is a list of points that you should consider when you plan for your next trade exhibition.

1. Define a Budget for Your Exhibition Participation

There are many elements of cost that go into putting up a successful exhibition. Below are some of the major heads of expense when it comes to trade show particiations.

  1. Exhibition Space Buying Cost
  2. Team travel, food and stay
  3. Exhibit Rentals / Exhibition Booth Design / Stand Fabrication Costs
  4. Show services cost: Labour, Material Handling & Drayage
  5. Cost of Marketing Collaterals and Give-aways

So, if you have a small 10×10 exhibit or a mid-sized 20×20 exhibit or even a full hall booked, it is an absolute essential to have a budget defined. Because the amount you can spend on the exhibition participation can very easily double if you didnt define the budget at the onset.

2. Write Down Your Purpose of Participation for the Trade show

It might seem old-school, but you will agree some old things work wonderfully and are very relevant today. You need to write down the purpose of participation for putting up a trade show booth display. This purpose will help you decide how important the trade show is for your business and how much investment can you make in it from within your marketing budget. It will help you make all the important decisions when it comes to selecting a booth size, the correct exhibit rental options and even when it comes to selecting amongst the many options of trade show booth design companies that you have with you. You will also notice that when you write down your purpose of participation for the trade show, you will subconsciously know how important it is and hence divide your resources in terms of management time, manpower, attention, etc accordingly.

3. Make a Pre-Event, During-Event and Post-Event Communication Plan

Yes, you have contracted the best exhibit rental company and have put your exhibition team in place. Now you need to focus on making your exhibition booth a hot-spot for exhibition visitors. So you need to start with pre-event marketing. If you have an email list of current, old or potential clients in the area, consider designing an email to invite them. Keep those that subscribe up to date with event details and appointments if you would like to make any. Start citing it to current clients when you speak to them, personally invite them or even add a new footer to your email.

If the trade show is important for your business you could explore investing in some on-site promotional activities. You could buy onsite branding space and promote your product, marketing message or even your exhibition booth so that you get more footfalls. One you have brought in people into your booth, you should have enough processes and practices in place to ensure that you have understood why each person has come to your company, and you should try your best to have a solution/fit for that person. Even after someone has left your exhibition booth, they should get a ‘thank you for visiting email’ and a followup call within one week of the show.

This brings us to post-event communication. You participated in a trade show to interact and get leads. But the leads are not of much use unless they convert to sales. Post-event communication is very important to keep the conversation alive and to ensure that the lead is convered to a successful sale. Never leave your conversations in the middle. Follow up your leads as soon as possible. Make sure you add citations to your specific conversations if possible and answer any queries they might have. To this purpose, it’s imperative to take notes and names as often as you can. The more information you gather, the more tailored your responses can be. Remember that no trade show booth display, no matter how magnificent can make a sale. It is the people who are persistent to followup with the person who walked into your exhibit that make the sales.

4. Make a Trade Show Display that is Unique

Your booth visitor sees a 1000 booths at a typical trade show. Why should he/she remember yours? Its important to answer this question when your exhibition booth design company suggests a design option. If this answer is found then it will be no problem to get the visitors recall. However, if you have an iffy answer then you know that your trade show booth display had not yet hit the nail on the head. If a show is important to you and you have a handsome budget them opt for custom booth displays that have numerous design possibilities to highlight product attributes.

Even if you have a small booth and budget you can rent high quality exhibit rental systems that are economical and at the same time well-finished and sophisticated. A lot of exhibitors opt for roller banners for their portability. The roller banner can be used to emphasise a simple stand with high quality branded and informational graphics. Great for smaller operators or those with a restricted capacity for set up. If you are using dated banners with old campaign content, deliberate on getting new banners designed and printed prior to the event.

5. Make a Trade show Specific Checklist

Checklists are extremely useful. If you are making a meal plan or a study time-table or even making an exhibition booth – you need checklist. There is no specific format or sacrosanct way to make the checklist. It should just be something that works for you and ensures that you complete all the tasks related to making the perfect trade show booth display. Here are some important points that your checklist should have:

  1. Organiser services early bird deadlines – rigging, advance warehousing, electricity etc
  2. Contracting the trade show stand builder
  3. Finalising the trade show booth display design
  4. Finalising the team that will travel
  5. Finishing bookings – flight and stay. Remember that as the event gets closer prices soar
  6. Finishing graphics and marketing collateral – Graphic printing also gets more expensive as the show dates near
  7. Shipments of collateral and displays

Your company might participate at multiple trade shows in a year or may be doing only 1, but if you set the process right then you will face no stress in achieving your objectives association with exhibiting at trade shows. If you are genuinely interested, then the entire process of having a successful event is quiet exhilarating. The best part is that each new show is different from the previous one and you can use your learnings at one show to better your prospects at the next.

If you have any queries then do not hesitate to get in touch with us, your trade show experts!

Happy Exhibiting!

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