Your Exhibition Booth Is Like Your Live Event! But with Instant Revenues!

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An exhibition booth / exhibit stand / trade show booth display at a good trade fair is one of
the most significant revenue source for SMEs and large business corporations alike.

Creating the perfect exhibition booth is just like creating a perfect play where artists, writers, actors, directors all collaborate to realize a vision. Your exhibit stand is a realization of your brand’s vision. This article highlights some important points to keep in mind to create a memorable trade show booth experience for yourself and your visitors.

Your Exhibition Booth Is Like Your Live Event! But with Instant Revenues

There are ample similarities between a stage show and a trade show. While trade show marketing and stage shows are two very distinct poles, these are alike in some or the other way. The stage show actors, director and the entire screenplay does need a lot of try-outs. As an exhibitor, you put in a lot of work into putting up a great show when it comes to your exhibition booth, hiring the best of the people for trade show marketing plans or getting the most attractive range of trade show booth rentals.

When we take a look at a stage show we see that any prepared on-screen character will disclose that organising and planning are crucial to successfully playing a part during the show.

When we associate these scenarios with the sphere of trade shows and events, we also see that analogous research is imperative as well as primary. Therefore, it is important to have a plan and schedule prior to working as per the plan to make your trade show a successful one.

our Exhibition Booth is Like the Set Design of A Play

Organise the environment of your exhibit as per the design. If you are preparing to pick trade show booth rentals, then you can always refer to your trade show booth design partner for designing the exhibit as per the storyline that you want to convey. Select bold trade show graphics, alluring trade show booth ideas, include the trade show marketing plan meritoriously and then you can undergo a worthwhile trade show.

Focus on Correct Lighting for Your Exhibition Booth Just Like On-Stage

If one would ask me what is the single most important part of exhibition booth fabrication that he/she should look into when it comes to exhibition booth realisation, then I would undoubtedly say it is booth lighting. No matter how beautiful and elaborate, a dimly lit booth is an uninviting one. Not only does it make visitors subconsciously uncomfortable but over a period of time, it makes the booth staff feel sleepy and demotivated. 

Your Exhibition Booth Staff are Your Stage Actors

It is vital that you have well-trained and knowledgeable booth staff. Your trade show booth visitors should not miss out on the chief message of your brand. Therefore, it is essential that your booth staff is knowledgeable and well-aware of the brand’s offerings, products and services. Similarly, it is suggested to invest some time and guidance to the booth staff and incorporate this as a part of the trade show marketing plan. The booth staff should also be accountable for following up, which is a great way to transform the prospective clients into sales leads.

Your Exhibition Booth Need Not Be Geographically Restricted, Just Like a Virtual Event

Though trade shows have been around for more than a century, they have seen a drastic change in the past 5 years. Today exhibition booth designs are made to incorporate options of live streaming, online seminars and interactive displays such that the real and virtual worlds amalgamate to give trade show visitors a mesmerising brand experience. Earlier booths were restricted to the people who visited a show, now, as we ushered in technology, anyone from all over the world can enter your exhibit (virtually) just with the tips of their fingers.

Your Exhibition Booth Needs a Script & Direction

It would not be ideal to have your marketing team make a creative exhibition booth design and your sales team just go and man the booth. Yes, a lot of companies do it like this, but this is a very rudimentary system that needs improvement. What we have seen large corporations do with the exhibits that we built for them was simply mind boggling. They would firstly share the exhibition booth design with the entire sales team that will be present at the booth. Then they would allocate areas to particular sales people such that those people had to handle queries related to that product or that aisle, etc. They also appoint a booth manager who handles the entire booth during all the days of the trade show. Lastly, they make a script and a flow for any visitor who enters the booth such that they start with a basic company introduction, explain the values and then come to the customers needs and what best they can do to fulfill them.

You would agree that everything in life needs planning and preparation. Trade shows are no exception here. The ideal time to start planning for having a perfect exhibition booth at your next trade show would be 8 months before the show date. You should keep a printout on your desk about all the important timelines from the organiser and try to do everything beforehand to avoid late charges and last minute stresses. If you need an expert to help you with creating a trade show exhibit that is in line with your brand vision then our team would be delighted to talk with you and see if we are the ones you are looking for.

Contact Us and as always Happy Exhibiting!

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