Effective trade show backdrop ideas for your booth.

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A trade show backdrop walls consist of commanding backgrounds, colorful sidewalls, and a well-designed booth banner and trade show booth backdrop.

Use booth banner, trade show backdrops and custom-built backdrops can help you to meet your specific size requirements.

Effective Trade Show Backdrops Ideas For Your Booth.

Trade show backdrops are large pieces of cloths, often with the brand’s message, hung at the back of a booth during a  presentation.

Regardless of the type of background you select, any piece will boost your presentation. There is no better way to present your company than having customized backdrops. 

Here are tips for effective trade show backdrops.

  1. Be Uniform in Style, Color, and Design

A good trade show backdrop will complement the rest of your exhibition booth. This is why your area should be uniform in style, color, and design. If your trade booth seems incompatible or poorly deliberated it will look out of place. This will affect your brand, and it could cost you sales as a result.

  1. Add Side Panels and a Back Panel

A pipe and drape booth backdrop allows you to add side panels and a back panel. This can help you take the marketing to the next level, and give you another opportunity to impress visitors as they pass by your area. Just make sure the fabric used stays smooth and that creases or wrinkles do not develop.

  1. Ensure that your Company Information is Visible 

When branding your trade show exhibit, ensure your company logo, name, visible no matter what type of material you plan to use. Whether it is fabric, vinyl, or something else, you need to design and print it with your company information. This allows attendees to quickly find who the company is and how to get in touch with them post-trade show.

  1. Use Colors Wisely

A printed trade show booth backdrop can add a lot of pizzazz and color to the booth, or it can be muted and understated for elegance and sophistication. The flexibility that the backdrop provides is incredible. Many exhibit systems component manufacturers provide this type of product for sale.

  1. Use Larger than Life Image 

Why not add a larger than life image of your best selling or newest product to your trade show backdrop? This helps attendees see what your brand is best known for, and understand the main benefits of the product. The graphics that you select are also important, if not more so than the backdrop materials and type.

  1. Hanging Banners

When it comes to branding exhibits is a hanging booth banner that works as a trade show backdrop. You can include your product information, company name, and other important elements on the printed banner. There are a variety of materials from which to select from. However, ensure that the banner fits well with the rest of your exhibits. 

  1. Have a Common Backdrop Option

Deciding between each of the possible trade show exhibit backdrop choices would be easier if you already have the rest of your booth design in mind. This will help you narrow the different options for you to cut down on the possibilities that you have. Too many options can be overwhelming so you can eliminate some selections before you can choose the right one.

  1. Consistent Images

Branding exhibits with the right choice of tradeshow backdrop means having a consistent professional image across everything in your trade booth area. Ensure that the back of your space has the same theme as the rest of the exhibit so that everything can match. Make sure you evaluate each choice, as a visitor will.

  1. Hire Trade Show Backdrop Expert 

You will be impressed with the range of simple designs offered in the market. But, you need to be careful about the backdrop design you choose to signify your brand at the show. 

Thorough research should be done before you order your trade show backdrops. You must assess your brand guidelines with the help of a trade show designer. Hiring a skilled expert will assist you to narrow down the best booth design that will represent your brand. This will help your company stands out throughout the show.

  1. Stretch Graphic Panels 

They are very resourceful in taking branding your trade show booth to another level. These panels can be small, large, or anywhere in between. These are fairly cheap and can be used many times before they need replacement or show signs of wearing offs.

  1. Cafe Stanchion

Using a cafe stanchion trade show backdrops can be easy, convenient, and simple to set up and take down. These can be easily stored, are lightweight, and portable. One person can move these backdrops without a lot of trouble and they are attractive. 

Moreover, they are professional enough for any company or event. So when looking for trade show backdrops ensure you look for one that is simple to set up and convenient for your event.

Complete your trade show with stylish and informative backgrounds. If you have any questions concerning the trade show backdrop please contact us.

Happy Exhibition!

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