Everything you Need to Know About Trade Show Rentals

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Trade show rentals give companies the look of a custom trade show display, exhibit stand

You want to select a trade show booth builders that have designed and built a variety of booth display designs from 10×10 booth to trade show banner design.

Everything You Need To Know About Trade Show Rentals

For many companies participating in a trade show, renting a trade show display is both cost-effective and hassle-free. Whether you don’t want the responsibility of display ownership, are new to exhibiting, or only attend a few trade shows a year, renting a booth makes the most sense. 

When to Consider Trade Show Rentals

  1. Consider trade show rentals if want to avoid handling logistics like shipping, storage, and local transport of your exhibit.
  2. If you’re an international exhibitor, rent. 
  3. If you are a first-time exhibitor or a start-up company. 
  4. If your exhibit is only one or two shows a year, rent. 
  5. If you are participating in back-to-back or overlapping shows.
  6. When you need a bigger or a smaller space for your trade show booth, rent.
  7. If are considering buying, choose your trade show display rentals with an option to buy.
  8. Rent when you want to cut costs of storage, repair, insurance, disposal, and refurbishment. 
  9. Rent if you want to save money on material handling, transportation, installation, and dismantling costs, etc. 
  10. If you want to keep the case of the exhibit stand used construction and storage after the show. 
  11. When you need new pieces to fill out a large space or to keep your current trade show booth design looking fresh and modern.

3 Amazing Tips for Selecting the Best Trade Show Booth Rental Company

  • Check Out Their Portfolio

High-quality trade show companies will have a variety of trade show booths styles for you to select from. Go through their work and what they offer. 

Do they have variety? How experienced? Experienced trade show booth design companies will offer a great portfolio that is full of booths they have designed for clients in the past.

  • Look for Industry Experience

Trade shows are a great marketing chance, but only if your trade show booth design’s quality is on par with your brand. When researching for trade show exhibit companies, choose for ones known to have attractive exhibits that generate results.

Time is of the essence in a business, but not the only aspect to consider. You need also ask how many such displays the company builds per year, and how many booths are for previous customers. Trade booth displays entice clients to repeat their experience — not seek services elsewhere because their first design didn’t meet objectives.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

Research always goes a long way.  People are quick to share bad experiences online, so when you realize a positive testimonial or review – it is a positive experience that was provided.

It is also important to contact other experienced event marketers and business owners who have worked with the companies for recommendations. When you have a few recommendations, you should begin to narrow down the options based on your research and needs. 

Advantages of Trade Show Rentals

  • Build Your Exhibition Stand as per Your Aim

The builders will work on the completed trade booth and build it from the scratch as per your aim. The exhibit stand is designed using high-quality materials that give a professional finish. 

Whether the stand required is small or big, every stand gets special attention and meets the standard quality. A well-finished and well-designed booth creates the impression of the brand being professional and quality conscious. This impression is attributed to the people and products of the company as well.

  • Cost-effective 

A rental trade show exhibit offers every business the opportunity to attract potential customers and promote their products as well. The company can attain these without spending a fortune. 

Bringing the company’s message to the target attendees is cheaper with exhibit rentals than buying one. By renting, you have the opportunity to have a booth that has a message that is customized according to the specific show.

  • Wide Range of Options

Business owners find it easier to benefit from the exhibition without buying it. An ideal trade show rental booth provides custom-designed, modular exhibits, and portable displays, that conserve the company resources and draws visitors at the same time. 

Exhibit Rentals is dedicated to building captivating displays to make your brand look unique. We provide stylish, creative, and out-of-the-box booths. 

Our custom trade show display builders work hard to offer our clients the best custom-made trade show displays that attract attendees into the selling environment. We provide services like pop up displays, Trade show rentals, modular displays, custom trade show booths, installation, dismantle, hanging signs, graphic designs, and much more. Our ground-breaking marketing strategies have the knack to take your product to new heights. 

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