How to Create an Irresistible 10×10 booth design

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Take advantage of 10 x 10 booth or booth display during 2021 exhibits

You have already invested in a 10×10 booth, but you’re concerned about how to make it stands out from the crowd. Of course, everyone else is trying to do this, so you need to use a creative approach in building your trade booth. What you need is some outside-the-box, small booth display ideas that can deliver results.

How to Create an Irresistible 10×10 Booth Design

Making your presence known at the trade show is one of the coolest ways for you to create your brand image and what you offer your target audience. These events serve as the ideal platform for industry leaders. Thus, newcomers like to introduce new services to the attendees while also expanding their business network.

However, given the high competition that is common at trade shows, you must create a trade show booth that stands apart from other exhibit systems.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to build a larger or taller booth. Instead, you should look for a way to use the most of the available.

If you’ve booked a 10×10 booth at an upcoming event, we’re here with a few creative tactics that will allow you to capture all the right attention.

  • Use Creative Signage

The signage and banners you use have to be outstanding. If your trade show exhibit looks like all the other displays, you may go unnoticed. Be sure that the booth design and colors you use are eye-catching and creative. This increases brand recognition. Attendees are more likely to do business with your brand if they can easily recognize and separate your trade booth from the rest.

  • Keep the Front of your Booth Open 

Placing a large table, cabinet, or another display across the front of your show booth prevents trade show visitors from entering your booth space. Keeping the front of your booth open creates an inviting appearance and can make your 10 X 10 booth design look larger.

  • Secure a Corner Booth Space

The position of the trade show exhibit matters more than its size. Booths situated near the midpoint of the expo or within or near the range of the bathroom or the food areas have high traffic. But corner booths, too, offer higher gains in terms of visibility. 

Having a corner placement means you are in two pathways at the same time, increasing the chances of capturing attendee attention. 

Corner trade booth spaces also tend to feel a bit greater than their fully-surrounded counterparts and give visitors more open space to move through your display. 

You can pay a bit more for a corner spot as it can boost your presentation enough to cover the upcharge.

  • Engage the Senses

Looks are not everything – try winning all of your attendee’s senses. This means having gripping audio, something attendees can touch. You want to get creative by using olfactory and taste senses to lure visitors into your exhibition booth

Each element will act as a trigger and will benefit you to push your product into their memory. This can be applied no matter what size your booth is, making it a perfect solution for a trade show booths 10×10.

  • Design an Open Booth

To invite a lot of people, you need to have numerous entry and exit points for your trade show booth. But this is not always possible with an in-line 10×10 booth. But you can try this if you are having an island trade booth corner. 

You also need to ensure that your show booth is not too cluttered with props and equipment, making it hard for attendees to pass in your space. One of the best ways to do this is by getting rid of anything that doesn’t directly impact your overall experience at the show. 

Create cozy meeting areas for the visitors of your show booth with a few comfortable chairs and small tables, leaving the rest of your booth free for the attendees to take a look around.

  • Make Your Exhibition Stand Design Warm & Accessible 

Choosing a suitable color and optimal lighting guarantees attractiveness to any visitor, thus, creating a bright, friendly, and warm atmosphere. If you want to create a sense of curiosity and play, use different illumination tactics like mood lighting, sensory lighting, or gesture-controlled lighting.

  • Make your Exhibition Booth Design more Interactive

One of the best ways to have an interactive booth design is to conduct a demo session at your booth. Giving a free trial will allow your audience to experience, service personality, and your product-this will build trust in your brand. Engaging your brand will help the visitors make up their purchase decision, hence inviting more audiences to your booth. So, you must create a simple and cheerful message with your trade show booth design.

  • Free WIFI Access

One way to becoming popular in the trade show is to offer free access to a Wi-Fi hotspot within your trade booth. You can post your password around the trade booth area. This way, your visitors would be enticed to come around to get your password. 

For this, you need to hire a 4G internet provider to provide free WIFI access at your trade show. You can use this time start a conversation with the attendees nearby.  

  •  Make an Interactive Wall

Using an interactive wall as part of your trade show booth design will help your booth stand out among others. Moreover, it’s integral for your  booth design to create a memorable brand experience. This will make your attendees stop, engage and think, about your design. 

By appealing to your visitors mentally and physically through games, questioners, etc., you make them more involved in the experience your brand is offering, and therefore, making them invested in the brand itself.

At Exhibt Rentals, we are pros when it comes to helping our clients realize their 10×10 booth ideas. From pop-up modular displays to modular displays, and all of the additional accessories, you might need. 

Start planning for your next exhibition show today and give our design experts a call.

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