How to Evaluate Trade Show Companies?

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How to evaluate trade show display companies and trade show companies before designing your trade booth?

Your trade show exhibit displays are the representation of your brand. Invest your time in creating an outstanding display to get the necessary profit by selecting correctly from the various trade show display companies and start evaluating them one by one until you land to the best trade show booth builders.

How to Evaluate Trade Show Companies?

When building and laying out your exhibit what do you want visitors to think, feel, and do as a result of interacting with your company?

It does not matter if you have show booths 10×10 or a customized booth on the floor, your exhibit is a satellite office for your company. Physical impressions of your company certainly create an impact on your visitors. 

What message do you need to give at the trade show companies convention? This is the process of evaluating and some of the important questions to ask them before deciding who to hire. These are some of the questions to ask when evaluating trade show exhibit companies.

  • Can I See your Credit Report? 

There is a huge number of trade show suppliers who are struggling financially. What is more, due to the exhaustive nature of the work involved, you will likely have to pay your trade show company their fees upfront. Since all the trade show companies do this, it is vital you correctly check out different builders you are considering using for your trade show. 

But sadly businesses that choose those exhibition contractors who are in dire financial trouble often hear about it when it’s too late. Exhibiting requires a high amount of investment on your part, and much of your budget will go on your booth and display. This is why you must have 100% confidence in your exhibition contractor’s financial position. 

In many cases, you might be able to conduct your investigation into your contractor’s financial strength. Given the amount you need for your business during the trade show, it would be a huge risk if you hire trade show display companies that cannot provide this important information.

  • Can I View your Portfolio?

The trade show display companies should be ready to share a portfolio of work with you. If they don’t, you can disqualify them. Give them bonus points if they share exhibits from clients in related or the same industries. 

Browsing their past work shows you their creative potential and gives you confidence in their abilities. It is also a sure way to know that you are dealing with a professional trade show exhibit companies

  • Can you Offer Various Options for Creating my Exhibit Stand?

If you look for trade show booth builders, keep an eye out for one that provides several design options. The more options you have, the more likely are you to find a booth design that fits your requirements and your budget.

For instance, you have used simple pop up displays for trade shows in the past, and want to upgrade to something better. Ask the trade show companies their selections. They should match your requirements and budget with a range of selections and design concepts

Work with a company that offers a range of designs, rentals, and purchase options. Only then you are will be much more likely to find what you are looking for while staying within your budget.

  • Can you Meet the Deadline? 

You should ensure that the builder considers you first, not the money they are making from you. Good trade show companies will turn down a project once they realize it is not possible to provide your design within your stipulated timeframe. 

This is a very important question you should ask them and as the trade show builder listens to what you had in mind for your design, they will know obviously if it can be done.

Another thing you wouldn’t need to do is risk it arriving late and ruining your chances of exhibiting after all the hard work and investment you have placed into this promotion channel.

  • What Trade Show Services do you Provide?

If an exhibit design house provides creative services, they might also offer show services such as installation and dismantling, technical wiring, and more. Be sure they clarify the term “turnkey” if that is how they tag their services. This is a very common term used in trade show business, but you need to know exactly what is included. 

Trade show management is probably part of a turnkey program, so you need to plan for dividing and conquering tasks with an on-site manager if that is the case.

  • Can You Show Me how My booth Will Look Like?

The best trade show booth builders will have a team of experienced builders who know what makes for an effective and high-impact booth. Builders can steer you in the right direction. But you must have a mental image of your booth, otherwise, you cannot give vital input for it to be on-brand. 

When selecting a provider, interview them about their design process and look for a 3D mockup and 2D sketches showing you what you will get. While the designs may vary during the process, you must be in touch at all stages to request any changes before the trade booth is built. This is to make you feel confident about your booth display.

  • Do you have any Previous Work and Clients Whom I can talk to?

Many quality companies will show you examples of their work and connect you to customers that are happy to vouch for them. Speaking to customers and seeing examples of previous work is the best way to judge an exhibition booth design company for the quality of service they offer of an exhibition booth.

We know selecting the right design company can be overwhelming, so we hope this guide helps you feel more prepared as far as evaluating trade show companies is concerned. 

At Exhibit Rentals, we would be proud to be your design partner for your next exhibit. Contact us today to meet our team and learn more about our trade show.

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