How to Select the Right Trade Show in the US for the trade show 2021

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right 2021 exhibits to Attend with your Portable Trade Show Booth

Taking part in 2021 exhibits is a great way to market your brand and take your business to the next level. If you are anticipating participating in a trade show in the USA then this article is a helpful guide for you.

How to Select the Right Trade Show in the USA for 2021 Exhibits 

Selecting the right trade show for your company in the US may be daunting. With numerous events to select from, it important to figure out which trade show will reach your targeted audience. 

In this article, we have outlined the simple and easy to follow practices when selecting the right 2021 trade show event.

  • Do Your Research

For many companies, a trade show is a real gamble due to the high cost and many resources involved. So, if the company spends a large part of your marketing budget on a show which does not produce a high ROI, it is a waste of resources.

It is a good idea to check the statistics provided by the organizer for the demographic and buying power of visitors in the previous years. By analyzing and comparing the data you can not only find the right trade show to exhibit but also understand your target visitors.

So, you need to be very cautious about the organizer’s guarantees and the reality of the show. Some event organizers may promise thousands of visitors but will invite many students, who will probably not be interested in your services in order to increase their official visitor numbers.

Whilst researching shows is a good starting point, the best way to get a feel for a trade show is to attend the show the year before you plan your trade show exhibit. You can consider visiting on the last day of the trade show and talk with some exhibitors to know what their experience has been. This will let you know the trade show is worth the time and money.

  • Research the Event History

Immediately after identifying a list of potential exhibitions, you can narrow down the list by digging deeper into the history of each of these events. When the show first begin? What has changed with each show? Which brands had a trade show booth? and so on. 

An event’s longevity is a good gauge of success, but don’t stop there. Go further and look into how the event has been broadcasted in the past years and the attendees’ and participants’ experience and reviews. This will tell you a lot about their reputation. If you are aware of a company that had an exhibition booth in the trade show, consult them and ask about their experience.

  • Analyze Past Trade Show Exhibitors.

It is beneficial to know about other exhibit systems. If they are direct competitors, it means you are in the right exhibition. Also, this means your mutual targeted audience is probably going to be present too. Don’t get too nervous about that. 

Research the brands that will attend the 2021 trade show. If you wish to step up your game and have a show booth next to industry giants, go to the trade show where they exhibit.

Additionally, consult non-competitors who have done this type of show before and get their insights. Learning from other exhibitors’ experiences is a good way to get better results.

  • Interview Organizers

To ensure you know everything about the 2021 trade show, exhibit managers can interview show organizers. While most brands stick to questions that lay the groundwork for evaluating an event’s viability and suitability for your company, you can ask some in-depth questions. 

Some common topics for questions are total attendees, number of bonafide buyers that previously attended, staff, number of trade show stands, total net square footage of exhibit space, per square foot cost, dates, dates, timings, etc., for the exhibit hall and educational programs. 

Many organizers are also surveying attendees to collect demographics, geographical market data, audience quality, and degree of interest in seeing various types of products or services.

  • Cost

Different events will have different costs attached to them. So you should be careful to research the cost of the following: travel expenses, trade booth space rental, staff expense, stand booth needs, cost, local tax, and union rates.

Choosing the right event can have a big impact on your ROI, so make sure you are careful in picking your next event.

  • Schedule It Out

Ensure that your schedule falls within your budget and try to stick with it. Although you may have a successful trade show at the beginning, it does not mean that you should quickly add more shows to the schedule. 

Preparing to exhibit in so many shows means that you are not able to do will only create problems. Not only will your trade booth suffer but the marketing and follow-up necessary to make each show successful will also fall short in producing results.

  • Choose your Space Wisely

Since every trade show is unique, many factors affect the volume, direction, and quality of traffic to your trade show exhibit. Familiarize yourself with the floor plan and how your trade booth fits. Consider how close you want to be to the main competitors, attractions, food stations, restrooms, industry leaders entrances, exits, escalators/elevators/lifts, windows, or seminar sites. On the other hand, avoid dead-end aisles, columns, poorly lit spaces, low ceilings, ceiling water pipes, freight doors, or “black spots” on the floor plan.

Once you finish your research, it should be easy to determine which show is right for you. But if you still find yourself running in circles when it comes to selecting the right 2021 trade show, give us a contact us. We would be happy to share our years of experience in the exhibition industry and give any guidance you require.

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