Trade booth tips guaranteed to attract prospects in 2021

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Most exhibitors planning a show in the US opt for US trade show booth builders, who are familiar with the design aesthetics of the country and can create trade booth design that helps them stand out in the crowd. To help you put up a great show in the US, here are unique booth display ideas.

Trade Booth Tips Guaranteed To Attract Prospects In 2021

Trade shows are slowly becoming a common marketing tool since they are an interactive event that allows companies to connect with customers, meet other industry partners, learn about their competition, and analyze current trends. 

For you to succeed in any trade show you need to have tactics that can attract visitors to your trade booth

Here are ideas that can help you to increase traffic to your booth.

  • Design Signage that Explains your Purpose

Every exhibitor requires signage, but it should include more than the company name and logo. To attract visitors to your exhibit stand, your signage should answer one very important question for potential customers, 

“What’s in it for the audience?”

This should be able to speak what your business does in 3 seconds, 15 feet away. That is not a small feat. You need to come up with a clear, message that describes what your brand is all about.

When the messaging is complete, you have to focus on the size of your signs. Signage should be large, placed above waist level, and contain outstanding graphics that are eye-catching.

  • Give Samples To Potential Clients 

Hand out freebies like postcards, stickers, buttons, bracelets, prototypes, anything with your name on it. This is a subtle yet powerful marketing technique. 

Also, know your demographic. Are you reaching children who are constantly on their phones? You can choose to give out pop-sockets with your logo on them. Once a few people see your awesome pop-sockets, the word will get around and more people will visit your trade booth

  • Make People Feel Comfortable and Invited

If you have a large space for your trade booth, set up some chairs. Usually, there is a lack of seating at trade shows. So, having proper seating will make people appreciate you as it gives them the chance to sit down and rest. This is also a great way to introduce your business to them.

If you don’t get time to talk to all these attendees directly, consider having a screen that plays an attractive presentation about your product.

Putting padding mats over the floor is another good idea if you don’t have the space for chairs. Trade shows held on hard floors and comfortable mat will invite people to stay around your trade booth for a while.

  • Avoid Showcasing your Prospects; Invite Them in

When you visit the most trade show, you will notice that most trade show booth designs feature furniture at the entrance of the trade booth area. Placing a physical barrier at the entrance is a big mistake.

Placing a table at the front to showcase your meetings will not bring in prospects. Visitors tend to go where they feel welcome, and they indeed won’t go where they feel put on the spot. Design your trade show booth to suit your needs.

  • Brand Consistency

If you want attendees to remember your brand’s name and what you sell, your booth must reflect your product values.

The idea here is to use your brand’s colors only throughout the trade show booth. The logo should be easy to recognize and visible above your show booth. It is these little features added together that will help you improve your product recall even after the show.

  • Get Creative with Storage

Proper storage is crucial to attracting customers. How? Customers are not going to visit a cluttered booth, so keeping unnecessary stuff out of eyesight is important. Now that you have removed your table, storage might be a problem.

Several exhibitors place their items under the table. Without it then, what is the storage solution?

Consider having smaller counters with shelves that are perfect for keeping materials hidden and organized. Also, you can have a custom trade show display made to include specific storage like drawers or shelving.

  • Demonstrate Your Products

Buyers attend any trade shows to see in person the brands they do not feel comfortable buying online.  Therefore, have your trade show booth staff demonstrating your products through the show. 

You can also let people get their hands on your product and try it out themselves. Good demos have noise, movement, and clearly show your major benefits that are important to buyers.  Got a small product? You can showcase the demo with a live video on a large screen.

  • Hospitality

Offering food and drink grab the attention. People appreciate warm drinks like tea, chocolate, or coffee. If you have the budget, have a mini café, or hand out the treats and finger food. But avoid messy food. Also, the better the scent, the more traffic you get.

  • Valuable Giveaways

Many people love free stuff. Maybe you have seen people reacting excitedly over spin-the-wheel prizes and scratch-offs. The key is to have those giveaways that are not only engaging but also useful and memorable. 

Moreover, they should be related to your brand, the booth, and your audience. People’s excitement about your giveaway will create a buzz and attract others. Some fun and useful giveaways include tote bags, sample products, USB chargers, reusable bottles, pop sockets, etc.

For help creating your next trade booth, check out our portfolio and see what we offer. You’ll find plenty of inspiration that will take your portable booths to the next level.

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