What Are the Real Benefits of Exhibit Rentals?

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A vital guide on exhibit rentals and what you can get from trade show booth builders during 2021 exhibits

When attending a trade show, a company should ensure that they select the right trade show exhibit and booth display. This article will provide all details on the benefits as well as the advantages of a trade show appearance with your exhibit rentals.

What are the Real Benefits of Exhibit Rentals?

Whether you are at the last minute, wanting to test out a new design concept, or have several shows booked at the same time, Exhibit Rentals offers an effective and economic solution with no ownership obligation needed.

Also, you are not required to sacrifice customization or quality. All you have to do is choose from the wide range of exhibit styles of modular displays available. 

Renting as opposed to complete buying a trade show exhibit has many benefits. For sure, if you attend trade shows regularly throughout the year and want a new exhibit each time, it may be a bit more beneficial to use a custom or fully purchased one as opposed to a rental. However, rentals give you benefits if you only attend 1-3 shows in a year. If you want to see just how efficient your booth display can be before you go through the expense of purchasing a display, this is also an advantage.

Exhibit rentals also allow you to check out the competition and see what advertising techniques they are using before you have a custom trade show display designed. This will ensure that your exhibit stays a bit ahead of the competition. Using rentals, you can learn more about what trends in your industry. This may have an impact on your sales presentation. Overall, renting your exhibit helps you to keep the cost low while you are learning what works for your audience. You can try out different trade show exhibit designs at different shows and know which one works best for your brand before you purchase.

Other benefits that follow from choosing Exhibit Rentals include:

  • Availability of Additional Options

Renting trade booth displays are perfect if you want to modify your current trade show format.

If you have a larger trade booth space and you want to succeed when it comes to traffic or provide more information, renting a booth banner may be a viable choice. It may assist you to expand your booth to make it look larger and create a more lively selling environment.

Moreover, if you are rolling out new products and don’t want to rebuild your main modular displays, you can market your product with trade show display rentals.

  • Flexibility 

Exhibit rental comes with a great degree of flexibility. Trade show booth rentals allow exhibitors to adjust all elements of their booth to suit the exclusive needs of their business.

  • Barriers to Entry is Lowered 

one of the biggest benefits of renting a portable trade show booth is that it lowers the entry barrier for participating in a trade show.

For a small company with limited experience and funds, participating in a trade show not just as a visitor, but also as an exhibitor can be a discouraging prospect. The cost for registration charges to logistics can pile up easily leading events to be very expensive.

In addition, time becomes a factor that many small companies do not consider. Preparing for a trade show is not only costly, but it also requires a lot of investment for trade show exhibit design, manufacturing, preparation, and logistics.

The benefit of exhibit rentals is that they lower the time factor to an extent and reduce the work involved.

Moreover, renting a show displays brings down your expenses, thereby helping you easily go through the trade show doors and onto the event floor without spending a fortune. 

  • Save Money

Renting your 10×10 booth is a great way to save money, especially if you only appear in a few exhibitions every year. also, it is beneficial if you are participating for the first time or still news to the scene and don’t know how frequently you will exhibit. Or, you are simply trying out different options to determine which shape or size of booth fits your company, its budget, and more importantly, performs well.

Given how overwhelming trade shows can be, opting for a trade show rental can help you ease into the event if you are new. They give exhibitors the opportunity to create a superb, custom trade show display and save the cost of buying your exhibit. This helps you in retaining your profits from the trade show sales your booth generates. 

  • Smooth Entry into the Trade Show World 

A trade booth is an extravagant investment. The initial cost can be daunting, especially for those who have yet to experience how trade shows work.

Compared to a customized booth, rental booths cost only a fraction of the former, allowing your company to invest in other avenues of the trade show.

  • Total Customization

exhibit rentals give companies absolute freedom to design their booth. Trade show display companies allow businesses to choose a unique booth layout every time, rather than buying one and using the same size and set up for every show. Moreover, these booths can be customized according to the specific event so that they don’t look outdated, or inappropriate. An exhibit rental is a way to go for new companies who foresee future growth, major changes in the brand, or any other alterations.

Are you interested to know more about exhibit rentals? Or, perhaps you are planning to organize an exhibition booth rental for the 1st or maybe 200th time. If so, get in touch with exhibitrentals.com today. We will ensure that all your trade show exhibit rental requirements are fulfilled and that your booth is nothing short of a success.

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