2021 top stories about modular stand design v/s custom stand design

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Modular stand design or custom exhibition stand, which will dominate trade shows in 2021

While planning for an exhibition show, surely, you must have heard terms like custom stand design, custom-modular booths or modular stand designs. Most exhibitors have an idea about what these are, but very few know the difference between the three and how to select one from them. Here we major on their differences and benefits.

2021 Top Stories About Modular Stand Design V/s Custom Stand Design

Deciding which stand to buy or rent depends on many factors like the budget, your goals, and how frequently you take part in exhibitions. By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each option, you will be able to decide which among the two is going to be the right one for your next show in 2021.

What Is A Modular Stand Design?

Modular stands designs have re-usable, flexible and adaptable properties. This makes them wonderful to be used across an exhibitor’s entire event calendar! This allows you to reconfigure exhibition stand materials and graphics to fit various stand spaces.

This means that an investment in a modular stand will save your money in the long run. Given the nature of their re-usability, modular stand design also avoids the waste of resources and materials involved in trashing an exhibition stand after just one use.

What Is A Custom Stand?

A custom exhibition stand features limitless style, color and shape options for exhibitors. Usually, designed with one careful exhibition in mind, a custom stand may have a range of equipment, including metals, woods and glass. These exhibition stand designs cannot be self-built like their modular counterparts, and will usually need skilled manpower and machine tools to build effectively.

Which Is Better for Your Business?

Modular Stand Design

Modular stand designs are reusable, flexible and adaptable to various types of events, all at an accessible price range. For regular trade show participants, modular stand design gives a cost effective approach which, with the right design, can still bring a high impact.

In the past, pop-up displays were the only modular options available. Today, a modular system comes in all shapes and sizes and a wide range of equipment. They offer range to incorporate whatever functionality is needed, including cutting edge technology and can even be built into different shapes to offer a different look for a different event. Modular stands provide flexibility of exhibiting with the same stand at different shows.

Modular exhibition stands are easy to assemble and are less expensive than their custom built counterparts. However, despite all these advantages, modular systems have limitations in designs and materials as compared to customized booths.

Another drawback that comes with this stand is maintenance cost. This stand system requires maintenance and proper warehousing. The components should be checked after every use and perfectly pallet packed.

Custom Exhibition Stands

Customized exhibition stands are tailor made to create a unique design every time as per the brand and its requirements. A custom exhibition stand is ideal for businesses which want to build a major impact with their displays. The possibilities in terms of color, style, shape, and the atmosphere are virtually limitless with a custom design and so these displays tend to grab center stage at trade shows.

Although custom stands are usually developed with one particular event in mind, it is more than possible to reuse these stand. This makes a custom stands not only an exhibit with a wow factor but also one which earns its keep.

A Custom exhibition stand is designed uniquely and specifically for your business and a particular event. This means you have freedom for your design ideas and branding the business up to the end. Custom exhibition stands are unique and innovative. They tend to draw the attention of visitors, which is a plus to you and be able to stand out on a competitive show. You have the opportunity to experiment with those innovative concepts and come up with something creative and new.

The only problem is going to be space that has been allocated to you at the show. With custom stand there will be no limitation in terms of creativity and design. When you decide to use a custom option, you can really create something that is going to wow every attendant. Moreover, this stand will come at a greater cost but it is certainly worth your money since your ROI will be greater.

Quick benefits of a modular stand design

·  It is highly Portable

·  Modular stand can be re-used

·  It offers eye catching design options

·  Quick and easy to set-up

·  High return of a modular exhibition stand

Quick benefits of a custom stand design

·  They help you meet your budget

·  Custom exhibition stands come with everything

·  They are very flexible

·  They display your brand individuality

Final Thought

If you select a modular stand design or a customized one should finally depend on what is your trade show objective and the frequency of participation in exhibitions. If you participate at more than a dozen trade shows annually then you can opt for a customized booth for the most important shows. For the others, you can invest in a good modular stand design system that you can train your team to install and dismantle themselves. This will prove to be beneficial economically and it will also meet your trade show objectives.

If you want to explore modular stand design options then browse through our section dedicated to modular exhibition displays. If you have any query then do write to us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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