A quick guide to exhibition booth rental

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Why considering exhibition booth rental is a viable option in designing your trade show setup for your business in the US

The industry rule of thumb is that renting a trade booth makes financial sense if you are just going to use it once or twice, hiring trade show booth design companies or trade show display companies can also allow you to avoid the costs of storage and reconfiguration for multiple shows

A Quick Guide to Exhibition Booth Rental 

Hiring exhibition booth rental can be a cost-effective, hassle-free option for exhibiting at a trade show. If you are new to the exhibitor, or you only attend a few trade shows a year, renting trade booth displays can make some sense. 

Exhibition Booth Rentals or Buy Your Own Trade Show Exhibit, Which Way to Go?

Buying or renting, which is more cost-effective for your business? This will largely depend on the usage. Company teams need to look at how much they are going to be using on the product. If they are going to exhibit more than a few times each year buying is the most cost-effective option. Alternatively, if you are planning to use it once every few years, renting could be the right choice.

There are practical considerations too. If you purchase an exhibition, the business will need to handle storage and maintenance costs. When an exhibit is hired, this is taken care of by the company that provides the rental.

While it is possible to get custom exhibit rentals, it is far easier to access higher levels of customization by buying an exhibit. This could also impact brand identity. 

When booth display is purchased becomes easier to maintain a product profile and keep it constant across various trade shows. In contrast, companies that are constantly changing their products and brand position will find a rental far more flexible.

Why Use Rentals?

  • Hiring is Highly Flexible

With a rental trade show booth, you have multiple-choices to expand your options for all shows. This makes your product amazing for potential clients on your social media page. Exhibition booth rental provides the flexibility to test the design of your booth for every show.

Hiring a trade show booth gives you the ultimate flexibility. It means you can modify the look and size of your stand whenever you like to fit into your marketing efforts, exhibiting space, and other show requirements. It’s also great for exhibitors that already own a booth, and just want to add new components to it. 

Hiring offers great flexibility in terms of innovativeness and creativity. Many exhibitors consider being more daring with their booth design, knowing the booth can be changed easily next time they will exhibit.

  • Freedom To Customize Your Booth

Hiring professional trade show booth builders gives you the power to create a booth distinctive to your company. If you choose to build the booth yourself, then you can only make a modular trade booth from an existing system that you might have purchased before. 

However, trade show exhibit companies can make a customized booth for you from scratch every time you exhibit along with technology for maximum impact. For example, you can have interactive screens, monitors, LED display walls, lighting, iPad stands, etc. which allow you to have a unique experience for your visitors. Therefore, it would be very expensive to purchase all of this equipment at once, so in this case, renting would be better.

Preparing for a trade show can feel intimidating, especially when you are a first-time exhibitor. By hiring trade show display companies you can ensure that you have a cushion of support and experience backing you at all times. 

  • Maintenance

Wear and tear is almost always a certainty every time an exhibition booth is deployed.  Renting gets you an exhibition booth that looks brand new at every show. Also, you save on refurbishing and repair fees.

  • Budget Restraints

For start-up companies new to the exhibition scene that exhibit at only a few shows, and or have a small trade show budget, renting can achieve more return than purchasing your booth.

How To Choose An Exhibition Rental Company For Designing Your Booth?

Once you decide that an exhibition booth rental is a right choice for your brand, then you need to find the right company to focus on. What key factors should you think about here?

  • What do their past or existing clients say about them?
  • Are they skilled exhibition booth builders?
  • Will they be able to understand your purpose to develop the concept?
  • Will they outsource to a trade show contractor?
  • Are their services in demand?
  • They should consider your budget

Choosing trade show booth builders is vital for ensuring that your stand is of the highest quality, but also that it suits your business’s budget and needs. Ensure you look for professional trade show booth design companies in the US to help you. If you have any query about exhibition booth rental, please contact us for more details.

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