All you need to know about modular exhibition stand design

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A comprehensive guide on modular exhibition stands design / modular exhibition stall / modular exhibition systems for your 2021 tradeshow

Those who have experience in exhibiting have heard about the different types and styles of exhibition stands like modular stands, portable exhibition displays and custom-modular exhibition stands. Let us look at modular exhibition stand design and know why they are ideal for your exhibitions in 2021.

All You Need to Know About Modular Exhibition Stand Design

Are you considering investing in a modular exhibition stand design for your next exhibition? Are you unsure about what exactly a modular stand is? Learn what modular stands are, what benefits they offer and how you can use them to your advantage, before you attend your next show in Europe. Read this article and know everything about modular exhibition stands.

Modular exhibition stands are displays that can be built to be fixed together in several different combinations to create a complete exhibition stand.

These are the largest portable exhibition displays you can find and are perfect if you are looking to move your presence to the next level. They can be available in a range of ‘off the shelf’ stands in certain heights and shapes, with graphics printed to your specific need.

Modular stands comprise pre-engineered apparatuses that form a self-sufficient system. They can adapt various exhibition stand designs. Modular and interchangeable components of the booth can either be downsized or up scaled according to your preference. They are flexible and eco-friendly trade stand solutions that are simple to use and do not need technical support for setting and dismantling.

They are highly versatile; the hardware of modular exhibition stands design can be reconfigured to form various permutations and combinations to give a new look every time. They have a profitable combination of functionality and aesthetics and can be easily transported. Using changeable graphics, modular exhibition stands can be changed into a new booth for various exhibitions, conventions and events. They are the favorite option of exhibition stands for seasoned exhibitors because they can be reused many times, providing high profit in the long run.

Benefits a Modular Exhibition Stand Design Offers

1.     Portability of the Stand

Exhibition stands that are created using modular displays are more efficient than their custom made counter parts in the area of portability. Modular exhibition systems are researched, experimented on and even patented. They are designed such that they collapse into compact structures with perfect packing. These compact structures are easy to move to and from the show site and are even easy to warehouse for the next show. Modular systems are never built for only 1 use and hence packing, unpacking and repacking are important factors that are addressed by their creators at the design stage itself.

2.     Quick and Easy Set-Up

Many companies do not have a large workforce that can enable them to build big stands at the exhibition. Therefore, having a small portable modular display is important and in this case, these displays are good for a small team to assemble and install the exhibition stands easily and quickly.

Press-fit connectors and simple knobs make the fixing process simple. A modular system can easily be assembled without prior technical background and support, with the help of an assembly manual or video, provided by the trade show exhibit design companies themselves. The quick and easy build means that your team will get back to their duties quick and save some time.

3.     Eye Catching Design Options

Your modular exhibition stand design need not be drab. With so much research gone into creation of exhibition structures, modular exhibition booths have evolved to a level that they can easily compete with their custom-made counterparts. Today modular exhibition stand designs are made to appear like custom exhibition stands because of varieties of graphic applications. In the shortest time possible, you can make high impact and visually exiting stands using a modular exhibition framework.

4.     Scalability of a Stand Design

Beside the elasticity in modular stand design, it is scalable in nature as well. Depending on the system, the size of a modular booth can be decreased or increased. Any small size modular stand can be scaled-up to a standard sized booth and vice versa. This gives you opportunity to come up with an exhibition stand design that satisfies your needs at once without requiring the extra cost of buying a new one.

5.     Cost Effectiveness

If you invest in a modular exhibition system to for your annual trade show calendar and use the same structure across all shows in a particular geography that you will be saving significant costs from your exhibition budget. On the other hand, if you create a new custom booth design every time for each show then you will spend more than triple of what you would have previously. If you attend more than 4 exhibitions annually in a particular geography than you can consider buying the modular structure from your agency rather than renting it. Your agency can be responsible for warehouse and setup each time, however, the structure will be owned by you.

Challenges Faced in a Modular Exhibition Stand Design

1.     Modular stands need a large storage space, which a lot of businesses simply cannot afford due to space limitations.

2.     Also, modular exhibition stand design may not be suitable for all exhibitions. For instance, if you are exhibiting at an exhibition show as a one-off, and you want to make an impression and an impact, you would be better off investing in a custom solution that is tailored to your brand and marketing message.

3.     Yes, modular displays are robust and interchangeable, but there is a limit and some bespoke and ambitious stand designs may not be possible.

You would agree that the benefits of modular stands outweigh its challenges. So, if you are planning for an exhibition, consider developing a modular exhibition stand design and see the difference it makes on your company’s image, your staff at the stand and the customers who are attending the show. Please check our portfolio and see what your modular stand can look like. If you have any queries, then let us know via the contact us page. 

Happy Exhibiting!

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