Best Ideas for a 10×20 Trade Show Booth

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How to design the best 10×20 trade show booth, trade booth in the US trade show in 2021.

Investing in a quality trade show exhibit rentals can help deliver the best return and get your business the most bang. To achieve cool trade show booths you need professional trade show exhibit companies who can help you with the best ideas to accomplish your mission.

Best Ideas For A 10×20 Trade Show Booth 

Most of the exhibitors opt for 10×20 trade show booth space as it doubles their presence from the smaller 10×10 booth space. As with 10 x 10 exhibits, effective graphics are the key to a great 10×20 trade show booth. Shelving can create more room for product display, thus, adding to increase product visibility.

  1. Lighting Your 10×20 Exhibit Display

You can use colored LEDs. This might change the whole look of your exhibit amazingly. For instance, you can win visitor’s attention with string lights, neon signs, and giant light bulb letters. And if you want a low-key effect, then choose a centerpiece light, like a chandelier or homely-feeling standing picture lamps. Remember to highlight the key features of your display with your lighting.

  1. Offer a Relaxing Space

The hum and crowds at events can be overwhelming for some attendees. Visitors are always handed hundreds of marketing messages and leaflets. You can attract them to your exhibit stand by providing a relaxing and welcoming environment. Try to include comfortable seating areas. Visitors are more likely to stop by if your booth display provides a space where they can take a break from the show.

Therefore, since the 10×20 trade show booth is large enough, you can set up some seating couches. People will appreciate the chance to relax for some time, and you can take that opportunity to introduce your brand. You don’t need to talk directly but instead, have an attractive presentation display setup to expose them to your business.

  1. Use different Signage

Signage is another important item you can use to attract more potential customers to your booth. When planning for your 10×20 trade show booth, ensure you have multiple signage  that is noticeable to people from many angles. Draw attention to your event booth display noticeably and exclusively. Ensure your signage can be noticed easily from a distance.

  1. Hire a Well-Trained Booth Staff

Be sure that the staff manning your exhibition booth speaks to visitors well and interestingly. A staff who looks interested in talking to people will attract many customers. Be sure that any information you have like brochures or leaflets is fun to read and use. If you are not going to include this, visitors will pick up the information but not read it.

  1. Use Trade Show Games

Trade show attendees like to win prizes and try to score higher points than their friends. With trade show games, booth visitors learn about your brand as they compete for the award. Games can be digital games or old school. 

As visitors get excited about playing, their enthusiasm will attract more crowds. Make sure that your visitors can outline how to play within the shortest time possible. The tasks can be like signing up for your newsletter, posting pictures, singing or dancing, and using your trade show hashtag. 

  1. Have Awesome Giveaways

Everyone knows that people love free stuff. However, how many of these things are later dumped? Instead of giving away the boring, usual items like stress balls and notepads, try to give your exhibition booth attendees something useful they could use. 

Give even something better than they would like. Consider giving branded T-shirts, pen drives, water bottles, and so on. This will make them have you in mind even after the show.

  1. Make Your Trade Show Booth Noticeable & Memorable

You can check out and know your competitors sometimes before the show and know their  show booth design. Then come up with better trade show booth ideas. 

Design a tall booth that stretches higher above everyone around you to ensure it can be noticed from far. This might attract people to come to see what is happening.

Also, you can hang overhead displays above your 10×20 trade show booth or put some graphics and logos on the floor in front of your booth.

  1. Adopt Consistent and Simplistic Design

Whether you are a reputable company or a start-up company, to achieve a strong identity, you need to implement a set of brand guidelines. Use logos, color, images, fonts. Your strategy should be well documented to ensure consistency across all of your marketing efforts. Use these strategies as a blueprint for your trade show design.

Be sure not to go overboard. Your stall will be one amongst many, and any good designer knows that the key to standing out in a crowd is to keep it simple and eye-catching. Your chosen fonts should be bold, clear, and easy to read. 

If an attendee can’t read your wording from a distance, it will not grab their attention. Keep it short and direct to the point. Visitors have limited time and it is good that you capture some of it. 

To improve the chances of generating positive ROI during your next show in 2021, you need to maximize the number of attendees visiting your modular display stands and custom exhibit booths. The number of attendees can be increased by applying unique ideas. For more information, contact us.

Happy exhibiting! 

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