Complete guide to building cool trade show booths during 2021 events in the US

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Influential guide to cool trade show booths, and portable trade show booth for the best portable booths

Building cool trade show booths can be a tremendous boon for your company or business. The first step to a successful exhibition is to have the best trade booth. Read on for the complete guide on how to come up with an awesome portable trade show booth.

Complete Guide to Building Cool Trade Show Booths during 2021 Events In the US

Building an amazing trade booth can make a big difference to your overall success during the 2021 trade show. Here is a complete guide to cool trade show booths.

  • Consider your Booth’s Location

When you do register to exhibit at a trade show, you might be given the option to reserve a stand location. They are normally reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

It is good that you do reserve a spot, as you get to pick out the best location to showcase your company. Ideally, you are supposed to be placed where you will get a lot of foot traffic. That way, you are maximizing the number of potential customers who will see your trade show booth

  • Research your Options

Once you have your aim and budget set, you can start a detailed trade show research. To make the process easier, you can categorize your possible list of shows by country, date, industry, size, or price. Only think about shows that you can afford and do away with those that are above your budget. 

Make sure you learn how each show will contribute to your goals and gather as much information as possible, including previous participants, demographics, attendee numbers, and show statistics. Some questions you need to research answers for are: are we familiar with the city and venue? Can we afford this trade show? How big is the trade show? Who is attending? What industry does it target?

  • Booth Space 

The space of the stand booth can control the length of your trade show design. On the other, it is your budget and aim that will decide the floor size of your booth space.

First, you need to ask yourself why you need particular floor space and wall space in an exhibition. The most common space for which exhibitors need good explanations to set up a trade show booth is the meeting room, storage area, lounge area, reception counter, and shelves for product displays.

Ensure you know that a single product display needs lesser space.  Booking your exhibit stand in advance or once the current show end can be a great idea, as it provides you with multiple options and a chance to book your floor space at a cheaper rate.

  • Stand Builders

The whole process of looking for a better trade show stand might overwhelm. This is because trade show display companies are always ready to give reasons why they offer the best trade booth displays

Getting a genuine booth builder can end up taking much of your time and effort. But what should you look for in trade show booth builders? The best builders should be experienced, reputable, and be ready to offer an amazing trade booth. This is the only way you can be guaranteed a quality, good and original exhibition stand.

  • Complete a Practice Setup Run

Waiting until the day of the trade show to set up your display stand is a bad idea. Ensure you complete at least one practice run if you will set the stand on your own or with your staff. You should also do this when the package arrives to make sure that no parts are damaged or missing.

  • Product Samples

The highlight of your portable booths should always be the brand you are selling. Display your products so that the attendees are easily seen making their purchasing decision easier. Make your products are as presentable as possible. If you are selling clothes, they should be clean and pressed because the market will better appreciate them in their best form.

  • Branding

A constant product identity gives people confidence and helps them form solid relationships. If a business does not already have a brand identity, you can look for the best exhibition company to help you with that.

Before building your trade booth, the designers need to consult with you to determine event objectives and messages they want to pass on. This would help your brand gain awareness and realize the business’s core values, launch products, or any demonstration and give a positive insight of your brand for passers-by in mind.

The exhibit stand will need bold strong graphics to catch visitor’s attention. This will attract more visitors to stop and find out more. A trade show booth should not look too busy to turn away attendees. To make a lasting impression, ensure the booth reflects the company and use stunning and excellent images.

Your trade booth displays are a symbol of your brand. Make sure that the time and money you invest gives the required return by designing cool trade show booths. For more information Contact us.

Happy Exhibition!

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