Elements of a powerful trade booth display

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Modular displays or custom trade show displays, coming up with the best trade booth display design can be one of the best investments for your business.

The short timeframe used by exhibitors to communicate the message to visitors on the show floor should be used well by creating a good trade show display. Having attention-grabbing show displays is a must. In this article, we cover several important areas to creating a memorable and attention-grabbing trade show display to help you have cool trade show booths.

Elements of the Most Powerful Trade Booth Displays

Did you know your trade booth displays’ looks can make a significant difference in your ability to attract large numbers of booth visitors in a busy trade show? Company information, brand image, and key sales messages must be portrayed in an appealing way to get the most out of trade show participation. Here are some key components of a good trade booth display

  • Image Quality Counts 

Images should be of high resolution or vector, especially for your logo. Always have original, clean artwork for projects. This is critical!

It’s not that expensive and can make a big difference in your booth. This isn’t a billboard — people will be walking up and subconsciously scrutinizing your trade show graphic. A graphic designer’s nightmare would be being asked to make a logo with a business card as a reference.

  • Attract People Immediately

Ensure that your trade booth has signage that allows people to know why they should visit you at the trade show. If you are providing free promotional items, put up signs that inform people that they can get gifts when they visit your booth stand. The same goes for beverage or food items; ensure that they are placed at the front for the visitors to see. If you are giving prizes for those who purchase products or are holding a raffle, your signage must indicate this. 

People normally plan to go to different booths to see as many displays as possible. Therefore, you need to have something at your booth stand that makes you stand out. If you don’t have something that will grab the attention of visitors in a few seconds, this could mean that you have potentially lost a customer.

  • Logos and Branding

The company logo and name should be featured in the front and center.  Including the link to your website allows attendees to revisit your company information at their own time.  Logo and branding should be repeated at eye-level in different locations across the booth stand.  A slogan or tagline should be positioned near the logo that briefly links to the visitor what the company does and how they can benefit from them.

  • Color Psychology

Different colors have the ability to affect mood and emotion. Bright and lively colors can encourage verse and song, while dull and drab colors can diminish even the highest of spirits.

For example, fast-food cafés use yellow and red to create a sense of excitement, while spas and hospitals tend to use greens and blues which are calming.

Consider using your business and logo colors in your trade booth design. Also, choose colors that contrast each other adequately so that everything is easy to identify and read.

  • Selecting the Right Style and Type

While some attractive fonts might look better on the design mock-up, they are not always the quickest or easiest read. Companies have  fleeting seconds to capture the attendee’s attention, so if your trade booth displays’ text must readable.

Font size also plays an important factor. The font must be large so that it can be easily read from distance. However, it must not overshadow the images.

Take time to plan graphics carefully. Consider testing the appearance of your exhibit graphics and gather views from outsiders before finalizing your design plans. 

  • Graphics

Full-sized, colorful, and clean graphics that cover the whole booth display will be eye-catching. Make your trade booth display impactful and powerfully communicate who you are. Invest in best trade show displays or hire a knowledgeable trade show graphic designer to make your message interesting. A high resolution must be used.

  • Lighting

Light attracts attention, and can expressively increase the appeal of booth display. With proper lighting, attendees can focus on the message that the company is trying to deliver.  It also increases the depth of the exhibit by illuminating the sidewalls, back walls, and shadowed areas. The right illumination can affect the mood of a person, too!

A trade booth with superb graphics will certainly make a big impact on the show floor and leave an impressive impression on visitors. Work with your exhibit partner to determine how to best present your products and services with creative trade booth displays

To learn more trade show tips and how to become a better exhibitor, visit our website, Exhibit Rentals, or contact us for help. 

Happy Exhibiting!

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