Elements of a successful trade show setup

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In 2021 trade show trade booth and portable displays make an ideal trade show setup.

The key to a successful trade show setup lies in knowing which shows to exhibit in and how to structure your trade booth displays and booth banner to gain the most focused exposure for your intended audience.

Elements of a Successful Trade Show Setup

Want to have a successful trade show setup? Trade shows are great opportunities for businesses, big or small to market their products, showcase the brand, network with other companies, and interact with clients or prospective clients directly. So you need to have an effective trade show setup. Here are elements of a successful trade show setup.

  • Well-Trained Staff

Apart from having a wonderful booth design, digital technology, and impressive graphics the personal qualities and behavior of the staff have a bigger impact on the visitors. Therefore, choose exhibit staffs who possess excellent communications skills and know the opportunities unique to the exhibition. 

What permanent image will people take away from your business? Was the staff friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful? Did they listen? You can create a pre-show staffing document and set have some time to train your staff on your goals and objectives, booth etiquette, booth strategies and activities, expectations, and lead retrieval methods. Your staff is the face of the business. People notice and it matters.

  • Focus on your Booth

The most reliable way to grab immediate attention is through an attractive trade show booth. Emphasizing more on a good design will help in making heads turn especially with quality exhibit banners that convey the right message. 

Include in trade show booth elements like quizzes and games interactive technology or have a separate lounge area to let your visitors relax. All these basics serve as the best source to attract your audience. Also, you can offer refreshments and giveaways which will indeed make your brand memorable. The more you embrace an attraction in your booth the more visitors will be attracted.

  • Set Appointments

Some conferences will send out a pre-show attendee list. Consider having your sales team reach out to set up a pre-show meeting while at the conference. You can utilize your presence at the conference and hold face-to-face meetings with your current and potential customers. Consider having a meeting space in your booth design. This keeps attendees on the show floor and will allow them to see and engage more with your brand.

  • Generate Buzz

A brilliant way to make your trade show exhibit stand out from the crowd is to make sure people are aware of your brand way before the trade show takes place. This can be done by having a buzz about your product in the market. This might not be easy but little efforts can help you go a long way giving your product an edge. 

Market your product and build a strong social media presence before, during, and after the event. A unique campaign will help you get recognized with the right trade show booth design.

  • Have an Inviting Setup

Don’t underestimate the importance of how your trade show booth is set up. You may have seen an overwhelming number of businesses separate themselves from their potential clients with a table or desk. This may be common but it is not the best approach! 

Ensure that the setup of your trade booth displays invites visitors to come in, rather than keeping them out. Instead of separating yourself from the guests, have a table with promotional materials along a perimeter wall. The walls of your trade show booth should be as open as possible. If they are closed off in some way, visitors will either feel trapped and may not want to come in at all. Therefore the overall feel of your trade booth should be as warm and inviting as possible.

  • Create a Mood of Excitement

The trade show model showcases the passion for your business when representing your brand. Show your excitement about what you have to offer and get potential clients excited about your brand and services. 

Successful trade show setups do more than smiling and greeting visitors; the staff must be genuinely interested in talking about the company and helping visitors around the booth.

  • Eye-Catching Graphics

You should use graphics that are clean, colorful, and suitably sized. Depending on how far away visitors might be from your trade booth, you may need to have three main types of graphics: a long-range, a medium-range, and a short-range. 

But, your graphics should instantly tell attendees about your business and make them want to learn more. Avoid including too many graphics. Some best images that pack a punch are more effective than overcrowded logos and photos.

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