Elements of an awesome booth 10×10

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Be it trade booth displays design, exhibit stand, or a small booth 10×10, applying innovation and creativity are very important.

Your booth 10×10 should be instantly recognizable, make a good impression, and have a wow factor. Otherwise, how do you know that your trade show booths 10×10 or portable trade show booth is awesome? Let’s explore and see.

Elements of an Awesome Booth 10×10

Trade shows can generate a great deal of interest in your business, so companies invest a lot of resources by sending teams to trade shows to promote services and products. So, you need to plan to draw the most attention possible when you exhibit at your trade show booths 10×10

For you to get the most ROI, you want to make ensure that you can be seen and heard properly. Here are some key components to consider when designing your booth 10×10.

  • Maximize Booth 10×10 Space

Normally, the size of a booth is limited; therefore it is good to make use the most of your allocated space. Make sure you confirm your trade booth dimensions with event organizers in advance, so that you know how much space you have and plan accordingly. Enhance the flow and accessibility of the booth 10×10 space by removing any physical obstructions or barriers to the entry. Also, keep your booth on the front while the conference area should be set to the back.

  • Repeating Product Wall

Repeating the brand walls play off human conviction in different ways, all of which can be useful to your trade show booth.

First, shoppers gravitate towards booths that appear bountiful. Having your products all arranged uniformly makes them look plentiful and neat. Second, slight color variations appear more exciting when they all appear along with one another. 

Even if the differences are purely aesthetic, repeating product walls gives clients the feeling of your company having a variety of options. Third, products arranged at eye-level encourage browsing and interaction, two activities that will also hopefully lead to a purchase!

  • Use the Right Colors

Color psychology is complex. Visitors are drawn to different colors for different reasons. The colors you choose for your portable trade show booth can help your booth stand out and promote your message. 

Cooler colors like green, white and blue appear a bit professional but are not big attention-grabbers. Warmer colors like orange, red and yellow are more engaging yet need to be used sensibly because they can be imperious if used in excess.

  • Make your Booth 10×10 Easy to Navigate

Functionality in the show can also play a bigger role in your success at trade shows. Consider the layout of your exhibit stand and how attendees will move about it. You want to have a good flow so that visitors can move unimpeded from one location to another. 

If the space looks awkward and people cannot easily access your products or they are constantly bumping into one another as they browse, then functionality might be lost, and this can hurt your image.

  • Offer Free Wi-Fi

Exhibition show venues might have poor mobile internet coverage and paid wireless access, so attendees may be worried to check their emails or get on social media during the show.

Why don’t you help them out and attract more visitors to your stand by offering free Wi-Fi? Use the Wi-Fi sign-up form to ask the visitors for their contact details and opt-ins for receiving after-show follow-up mail; this is the best way to build that list of tasty leads!

  • Valuable Giveaway

People love free stuff. You should have seen people reacting excitedly over prizes, spin-the-scratch-offs, and wheel lotteries. The key here is to choose giveaways that look valuable, desirable, and suitable. 

Moreover, it should be relevant to your audience and product or service. The more visitors are happy about your giveaway, the more you will create more buzz at the trade show. You can use fun and useful stuff such as reusable bottles, smart wallets, USB chargers, pop sockets, tote bags, etc.

Make sure give to your potential prospect should be something memorable if you want to stand out. By giving away something unique you can attract more people to your booth 10×10.

  • Graphics

A colorful, full-sized, and clean trade show graphic that covers the whole booth will be eye-catching, make your small booth stand out, and strongly communicate who you are and what your business does. Invest in great exhibition graphics or you can hire an experienced graphic designer to make your message.

  • Consider Having a Café

Trade shows are usually tiring; that is the fact. Visitors spend a lot of time walking and talking at the trade fair. Naturally, they would require coffee and food. You can attract several visitors to your booth 10×10 by having a small coffee and bagel counter where customers can bag the snacks for either free or nominal fee. 

You can offer carry bags and take away mugs labeled with your brand logo. In your portable booths, you will find that many customers would like to visit your café. So having one is important since it has such a large draw. 

Designing an appealing booth 10×10 involves revising your main objective and working with the best trade show booth design companies.  By completing these processes, your company is sure to have trade booth displays that are the best. For more information about booth 10×10 designing contact us.

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