How modular displays benefit your business

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How modular displays are important when selecting booth display or portable displays

If you are experienced in exhibiting, then you know different types and styles of booth display like modular displays, and custom trade show display. In this article we concentrate on the idea of modular displays. And know why these displays are the best in the exhibition industry.

How Modular Displays Benefit your Business

The modular display is a stand that can be further divided into smaller components and packed into bundles. These bundles can then be packed into cases and placed into a van or a car.

These exhibits are reusable and flexible, allowing you to configure their displays to fit different exhibition spaces. This saves your money and time.

What Is Modular Stand Design?

Modular display designs have re-usable, flexible, and adaptable properties. This makes them a popular choice for an exhibitor’s series of events! This allows you to reconfigure trade show display materials and graphics to fit various stand spaces.

This means that investing in a modular display will save you money in the long run. Given the nature of their reusability, modular displays also avoids the waste of resources and materials involved in trashing trade booth displays after just one use.

  • Portability of the Stand

Trade show stands that are created using modular displays are more efficient than custom-built designs.  The display can be dismantled into smaller components, allowing the structure to be delivered to the site easily as compared to customized stands.

The modular display has a variety of compact, easy to maneuver transport cases. These offer your structures protection and provide professional delivery for your brand.

  • Unique and Innovative

They tend to draw the attention of visitors, which is beneficial for your brand to stand out in a competitive show. You have the opportunity to experiment with innovative concepts, and come up with something creative and unique.

When you decide to use modular displays, you can something that will wow every attendant. 

  • Reusable 

Another benefit that comes with the modular displays is the ability to re-use the system again. Compared to customized booth displays that are designed using woods and other materials,you can only use it once, which is not the case with a modular design.

Modular trade show displays can be dismantled quickly while preserving the framework for use in another event.  By slightly  altering the design, the display can look new. This helps you save on purchasing new stands and redesigning, hence allowing being more environmentally friendly. So, the display can be upgraded without shortage in creative functionality.

  • Eye-Catching Design Options

Modular exhibition displays can be made to seem like a custom trade show exhibit because of different graphic applications. In the shortest time possible, you can create a high impact and visually exciting stands using a modular exhibition framework. Also, these modular stands are small and have interchangeable graphics.

  • Quick and Easy Set-Up

Many businesses do not have a huge workforce that can allow them to build a big stand booth at the exhibition. Therefore, having small portable modular displays is important. In this case, these displays are good for a small team to assemble and install the exhibition display easily and quickly.

The fixing process is simplified with press-fit connectors and simple knobs. It can be assembled easily with the help of an assembly manual or video. Thus, allowing the team to work on other aspects of the trade show booth.

Scalability of a display design

 Along with elasticity in modular display design, it is also scalable. Depending on the requisite, the size of modular displays can either be decreased or increased. Any small size modular display can be up-scaled to an average-sized trade show exhibit and vice versa. This allows you to come up with an exhibition display that satisfies your brand needs without incurring the extra cost of purchasing a new one.

  • High Return

The various perks of modular displays like reusability, versatility, longevity, and scalability makes modular trade show displays a one-time purchase. You don’t need to invest in a completely new stand for every show. One modular system can be reconfigured various times ensuring you make most of your investment. 

A modular exhibit stand system is very flexible, and can be reconfigured or enlarged to fit different events, sizes, and different stand spaces. When you want a new display, all you have to do is replace the old graphics with a new one. For more details about modular displays contact us.

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