How to design an outstanding trade show graphic

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Achieve your trade show goals by designing an outstanding trade show graphic, trade show display banner, and trade show booth walls for your next trade show in the US.

There is a lot of work that goes into designing, printing, and setting up outstanding trade show graphic and exhibit banners. But when done well, the returns for your brand can be huge with your awesome portable trade show booth.

How to Design an Outstanding Trade Show Graphic

A trade show graphic plays an influential role on the audience especially at a face-to-face event in drawing attention and communicating your business’s personality, style and message. Normally visitors have two to three seconds, to sum up, your display. So having the best graphics is non-negotiable. Try these tactics and you will see the difference.

  • Image Quality Counts

Photos for your logo should be of high resolution or vector. Always have original, and clean artwork for projects. This is critical! You can spend the extra money to get high-quality photographs. It’s not that expensive and can make a big difference in your pop-up trade show booths. This is not a billboard as people will be walking up and down and even touching your trade show graphics. 

To get the best graphic, hand a business card to the designer and ask them to design a logo from it. If you worked with a designer to create an identity for your business, ask them for the original files. You may not be able to go through them, but that doesn’t mean your designer won’t be able to. This is why you need to hire a professional in the first place.

  • Readability

The font of the texts matters a lot. Ensure you use font visitors can read from a distance and without straining.  

Trade show visitors tend to scan show the trade show graphic and land to one that looks the most promising. They may pass you over completely if they can’t read your booth banner within the shortest time. Choose a font that is crisp, clean, and easy to read.

  • Use Noticeable Colors

While the coloring scheme needs to be consistent with your general marketing design, it should also be bright enough to look unique. Colors that are dull or neutral cause your trade show graphic to fade into the background. If your color dynamic does not include brighter colors, consider incorporating interesting textures instead.

Ensure your color selection convey the emotions you want to create in your potential customers.  It is essential to create a high level of visual appeal for your trade show exhibit as attracting prospects is necessary to create a strong ROI.

  • Lighting

Try to differentiate between the stand booth’s general lighting and the specific element you want to highlight. The lighting should be sufficient enough to stand out between the passages. 

But you can also try to play with dark lightings and make more intense light that places the focus on a certain area of interest or an object you are targeting to highlight. Use your creativity to come up with eye-catching lighting.

  • Benefits of Displaying the Brand 

With your graphics, you need to make an effect on potential customers within the shortest time possible. Whichever impression you make will determine whether they will come to your trade show booth or not. 

The logo must be always visible and your graphics put forth your brand’s main offering and advantages relevant to that show. Giving out inappropriate, confusing, or mixed messages will lead to people avoiding your stand booth.

  • Branding

An effective trade show graphic will be designed keeping the brand identity in mind. The product or service that is being displayed will contribute to the impression that is being made on the attendees. So you should reflect the value and identity that the product wants to promote. This can be achieved by incorporating brand colors logos, and other recognizable features into the graphics.

  • Create a Flow

Often clients have many ideas in all different directions. Just because your stand booth has four different graphic surfaces doesn’t mean that you should treat them as such. Ensure your trades show graphics tell a clear story. If you want each of the four products featured, one on each panel, that’s fine. 

Find a way to tie them together. Make sure that the color scheme, design, and copy work together. Don’t re-invent the color wheel with each panel. You need the overall design to work together, not confuse.

A good thing is that having expert insight on your messaging, brand and intended audience can take you far in the design process. When your expert brand knowledge combines with excellent designing you come up with stunning trade show graphics. Contact us today for a free consultation on designing the perfect trade show graphic for your next exhibit.

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