How you can ensure your 10×20 trade show booth stands out

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Creating cool trade show booths especially a 10×20 trade show booth is an experience that you want to create for your guests

Are you looking for 10×20 trade show booth designs for your next trade show event? Whether you are using a small 10×10 booth or a larger portable booth you need to think about creativity for you to stand out in the next trade show event.

How Can You Ensure Your 10×20 Trade Show Booth Stands Out?

Among the several exhibit systems, standing out with your 10×20 trade show booth might seem difficult. But a smaller exhibit stand should not be overlooked.  It can also be just as powerful, just as resonating with the audience, and can save a business more in the long run while increasing prospects, leads, or sales.  

  • Provide Food and Beverage Sample Products

Whether in the food, beverage, or natural products industry, uniqueness can help you a lot in maximizing the impact of a 10×20 trade show booth.  This means having a clear bar for trade show staff to dispense products quickly.  

At shows such as Natural Products West, there is a space that allows people to sample the goods.  You can incorporate such a station in your trade show booth.  Moreover, it creates a more calm and attractive atmosphere, helping the company maximize its ROI in a 10×20 trade show booth. 

  • Light It Up

One of the easiest ways to make your 10 x 20 trade show booth appear larger is by using the right kind of lighting. You can use spotlights to highlight certain elements of the trade booth and draw attention to them.

If you want a sustainable booth, opt for eco-friendly LED bulbs as they consume less electricity. Lights can also be used to draw visitor’s attention to the trade show booth you have built around your space.

Depending on the kind of vibe you are hoping to achieve, you can even consider using colored lights in your trade booth. But, before you choose the UV or blue lights, think about how applicable they will be effective.

Will attendees be able to see any materials you provide them under the lights you have selected?  Also, you need to think about the effect that colored lights will have on the people working in your 10 x 20 trade show booth.

If you want to create a good impression on company associates, it is perhaps best to stick with yellow or white lights. However, if you are dedicated to colored lights, have something that complements your product.

  • Explore Themes

When it comes to creating your 10×20 trade show booth, your first step may be to level out space with brand imaging. This is a safe plan as it helps you accomplish several goals, but it may lack the wow factor your trade show exhibit needs to stand out.

Instead, have a theme that ties in with your product and your messaging. For example, you could use your most popular product or service as a theme for your custom trade show. 

A company that deals with selling cat toys can make larger-than-life models to act as display space for actual products. A brand that deals in food or beverage should give out samples. Instead of trade booth staff standing at the perimeter of your 10×20 trade show booth with a tray, why not create a café area, where people can sit while they taste the wares?

  • Hire an Exhibition Booth Design Expert

You will be amazed at the range of simple designs offered in the market. Yet, you should be cautious about the trade booth design you choose to represent your brand. This is why you must do thorough research before you sign the contract for your trade show booth

You need to assess your brand procedures with the support of a trade show booth designer. Your trade show company will help you choose the booth design that best represents your brand. This ensures that your company stands out throughout your show.

  • Have a Touch Screen Demonstration Station 

On the exhibition floor, it is usually all about the graphics. Exhibitors often forget to engage all the sense of touch while displaying products.  People like being able to sit down and take a break from walking the trade show floor. At the same time, if they can explore the software for themselves, it maximizes the impact of the company’s 10 × 20 trade show booth.  

These kinds of stations are popular in all-sized trade show exhibits displays, but in a 10×20, these are critical to ensure people are properly introduced to your product.

We invite you to contact us to learn more ways to create an irresistible 10×20 booth and look forward to helping you find the perfect solution to your booth needs.

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