Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Between Renting or Buying an Exhibition Stand

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Whether you rent or buy an exhibition stand or portable display from stand builders, ensure that you do it with all the information.

Determining whether to buy or rent an exhibition stand from a stand design company is a decision that will bear consequences for a long. Your conclusion needs careful considerations to ensure you make a sustainable and economical choice. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying a trade show stand.

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Between Renting or Buying an Exhibition Stand

Renting or buying an exhibition stand requires you to make valuable decisions. Below are more detailed answers comparing other factors more than just the cost, the advantages and disadvantages of renting and buying an exhibition stand. Let us consider renting first.

Advantages of Renting an Exhibition Stand

  1. Renting Offers More Flexibility

Marketing is a liquid business. Before you choose between buying or renting your display, ask yourself how soon will the company be rebranding? A change in color, logo, or campaign strategy can seriously affect the way you present yourself at the trade show. If you own your booth, it will always look the same. If you rent your booth, it’s only for that one particular occasion.

The next time you have a trade show to attend, you will have the opportunity to create another one that reflects where your brand currently is.

  1. Renting Means a New Innovative Booth Every Time

If you predict your company is going through branding changes shortly, you should think about renting. You can always add different graphics to your stand, but if you want to change the layout of your stand to go along with rebranding changes, renting will make the transition much easier. Renting an exhibition stand is beneficial as it is a temporary booth until you have permanently rebranded.

  1. Renting Means you can Experiment with Stand Size and Layout 

If you are exhibiting at multiple trade shows with different floor plan spaces, it will be hard to accommodate the varying sizes of each location if you purchase an exhibition stall

Renting you to alter your booth according to the different booth spaces. If you have a 10×10 in New York and a 10×20 space in Las Vegas, renting makes it easier for you to accommodate the changing exhibit spaces. Hiring two separate booths gives you significant flexibility when dealing with different show spaces and budgets.

When you purchase an expo stand, you get stuck with the same size and limitations of that stand for each event. If you rent, you can have a different size and configuration at each event, thus, helping you find the right configuration for your business.

  1. Renting Allows for a More Modern Design

Are you working in an industry that is constantly evolving? To avoid your exhibition display looking outdated, hire one. By renting your display booths, your exhibition booth has the chance to be modern and fresh every time.

Disadvantages of Renting an Exhibition Stand

  1. The Cost Angle

If you frequently take part in an exhibition, renting an exhibition stand will cost higher than buying one. You have to pay the exhibition stand builders repeatedly.

  1. Your Stand Might Have Wear And Tear because it is a Rental

Rental exhibition stands are created from frames and structures that are being reused. Over time these frames will show slight wear and tear. Ensure you pick an exhibition stand company that has strong quality control, so that your hired booth looks brand new.

  1. Availability Is Not Guaranteed

With renting, there might be a risk of not having the booth you want available in stock. Even if you find the one you like, availability is not guaranteed because essentially everyone else has access to the same inventory as you.

  1. Limited Options

With hiring a stand, there may be a limitation on how much customization the supplier will do for you. That means your exhibition booth may look generic and not outstanding during the show.

Advantages of Buying an Exhibition Stand

  1. It is Consistent

When you purchase a customized exhibition booth, you are committing to a single design. From a marketing point of view, that can be very beneficial. If you are a regular exhibitor, having a consistent and well-branded stand can lead to increased brand recognition from your attendees.

  1. Lower Cost in the Long Run 

If you plan to take part in several exhibitions over a few years and don’t mind having the same look at every event, then buying a stand is the most cost-effective option. This is the case if you use the same stand at least 5-7 times a year, over 2-3 years.

Disadvantages of Buying an Exhibition Stand

  1. Your Stand will Look the Same at Every Show

This can be a disadvantage, depending on who your attendees are. If you have the same stand at every show, your audience might be less interested to visit you. People like things that are shiny and new and the same goes for the exhibits.

  1. On-Going Maintenance and Storage Costs

There will be wear and tear for the booth. With a purchased booth, you will have to pay for any repairs for the stand. The industry average for ongoing costs is around 3-5% of the total exhibit. With buying, you would most certainly need to pay a storage facility to store the stand for you.

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