Most Inspiring Features of A Memorable Stall Booth Design

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Ideas for stand design / booth design / stall design that are impactful and relevant to your brand.

Your exhibition booth should be instantly recognizable, make a good impression, and have that wow factor. So, how do you know that your exhibition stand design or portable exhibition booth is ticking all the boxes? Read to know the solution.

Most Inspiring Features of a Memorable Stall Booth Design

You would agree that on a typical show floor there are over 2000 exhibitors spanning anywhere between 4-8 exhibition halls. Visitors seldom remember 10-15 exhibition booths after walking around the whole day and conducting business meetings. So how can one ensure that their booth delivers the brand message? There are 8 key features to a great exhibition booth, and it’s about more than just content and graphics. For your stall booth design to be something really memorable, go through these points:

1. Branding on Your Stall Booth Design

An effective exhibition booth will be designed with the brand identity in mind. The booth and the material that is being displayed on it will both contribute to the impression that is being made on the attendees, so they should reflect the value and identity that the product wants to promote. This can be achieved by incorporating brand colors, logos, and other recognizable features into the graphics, and by selecting a display stand that matches the company’s style.

2. Create an Atmosphere with Lighting

The simplest and most effective way to attract more visitors to your exhibition booth is through good lighting. However, it is also one of the easiest aspects of design to get wrong as it relies so heavily on the surrounding environment and is difficult to test ahead of the event. Look for a designer who understands how lighting works.  Great lighting creates interest and a feeling of comfort and warmth, this attracts potential customers during trade shows.

3. Ensure That the Message Is Consistent

The goal of your marketing is to leave your potential customers with a clear image of who you are and what you can offer them. The best method of ensuring that those two key points are delivered is to develop a clear and constant message. Every aspect of your marketing should work cohesively together, so ensuring that printed materials and even staff wardrobe are consistently branded is vital. When creating your stall booth design, it’s significant to understand how it will be used in conjunction with other marketing materials to ensure a cohesive theme.

4. Don’t Shy from Being Different

One of the more important considerations for any marketing endeavor is standing out. You might be tempted to recreate someone else’s cool design, but it is not a good idea. Your business is unique, so it stands to reason that your stall should reflect that. Customers should be able to differentiate between your exhibition booth and that of your competitors, so remain open minded and think beyond the standard designs often seen on the event floor.

5. Maximize the Booth Space in Your Stall Booth Design

Normally, the size of a booth is limited; therefore, it is good to make the most use of your allocated space. Ensure you confirm the booth dimensions with the event organizers in advance, so that you are aware of how much room you have in order to plan your space. Enhance the flow and accessibility of the exhibit area by removing any physical obstructions or barriers to the entry. Also, keep your banner stands on the face while the conference area should be set to the back.

6. Integrate Digital Displays into Your Exhibition Stand

The best way to catch your customer’s eye is with moving images. Digital displays and videos are a highly effective way to share information where time is limited. Many people prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a video rather than reading a brochure or graphic.

Technology is an absolute must for the modern-day exhibition stall, and a digital display is one of the easiest ways to tick this box. Use a digital screen to show your products, play video testimonials, give statistics or loop feed key information. Digital displays will help you communicate your brand message visually.

7. Make Your Exhibit Easy to Navigate

Functionality in an exhibit can also play a big role in its success. Consider the layout of your exhibit and how attendees will move about it. You want to have a good flow, so that visitors can move unimpeded from one location to another. If the space looks awkward and people cannot easily access your products or they are constantly bumping into one another as they browse, then functionality might have been lost—and this can hurt your image.

8. Adopt Consistent and Simplistic Design

Whether you are a reputable company or a start-up company, to achieve a strong identity, you need to implement a set of brand guidelines. Use of logos, color, images, fonts; your strategy should be well documented to ensure consistency across all of your marketing efforts. Use these strategies as a blueprint for your trade show stand design.

Be sure not to go overboard. Your stall will be one amongst many, and any good designer knows that the key to standing out in a crowd is to keep it simple and eye-catching. Your chosen fonts should be bold, clear and easy to read—if an attendee can’t read your wording from a distance, it will not grab their attention. Keep it short and direct to the point. Visitors have limited time and it is good that you capture some of it.

A business that is seeking to attract large numbers of visitors, or leads to their products or services at the trade show, must have a distinctive and an inspiring stall booth design. Do it right with our 8 point checklist and if you have any feedback then let us know.

Happy Exhibiting!

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