Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Exhibition Stand Booth?

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Modular exhibition systems for booth design can be rented or bought. Make an informed decision

Are you in a dilemma of whether to buy or hire an exhibition stand booth? In this post we have analyzed the benefits and problems of buying and renting an exhibition stand booth and portable trade show displays for you to make the right decision.

Should You Rent or Buy Your Next Exhibition Stand Booth?

Seasoned exhibitors know that exhibition booths can be rented as well as bought. This is especially true for modular exhibition systems that are used widely in the USA and also now in Europe. Before you choose whether to buy or to rent, there are several factors to consider: how many times a year your company will take part in exhibitions, are you an experienced company or is your company just starting? Let’s look at the advantages of the two options so that you can take an informed decision.

Buying Your Next Exhibition Stand Booth

Advantages of Buying

1. It’s ideal for showing your product many times per year.

Does your company frequently attend shows? It can make sense for you to buy your exhibition stand booth, especially if many of your exhibition shows are in the same location or country or you will take part in the shows many times a year.

2.     You can customize your booth the way you want

When you buy your booth, it is indeed all yours! You can customize each and every detail the way you like, without many limitations that are implied to a hired booth.

For example, if you want a specific type of hanging structure, or a unique display for your brand, you have the options to have these pieces developed to your specifications.

3.     Long-Term Warranties

Exhibition stand booths are an investment, and your purchase protection reflects this. While most warranties understandably have exceptions for wear-and-tear, your booth hardware purchase is generally guaranteed for years or even lifetime use.  

4.     Simplify Future Booth Planning

When you have a set of trade show display hardware which you own, it greatly simplifies planning and design for future appearances—especially if you are happy with a basic set up and want to use it in different shows. Therefore, it means little more than making slight tweaks to the design to fit any space you are in. This cuts costs for pre-show preparation and making installation easier at the show.


Disadvantages of Buying Your Exhibition Stand Booth

It is difficult to keep up with changing fashions.

As your brand grows, and your industry changes and fluctuates, your creative team might want to engage in new marketing changes. Unluckily, if you own your booth, that can be difficult. Changing an already-customized display is difficult. Chances are you may forego the innovative new marketing tactics you wanted to try instead of blowing your budget on adjusting your booth.


Renting Your Next Exhibition Stand Booth

Advantages of Renting

1. Lower the Costs When You Are the First-Time Exhibitor

The most obvious benefit of renting your booth is that it is much cheaper, especially if you are the first-time exhibitor. While custom exhibit booths are not as expensive as you might think, they still cost a large amount of money. For a small company with no track record of success at a trade show, setting aside a large budget for buying a custom booth is rarely something that is workable. By reducing the cost of exhibiting, stand booths create many advantages for small businesses and startups.

They allow businesses that couldn’t afford to take part in a trade show experiment with events as a marketing platform. Many of these businesses may discover that exhibitions work well as a marketing and sales network, making them the main priority for the future.

2.     It Is Always Custom Made 

Taking part at different exhibition shows means talking to different audiences, or presenting different services or products sometimes. Why not adapt your message to fit every audience at every show you attend? By renting a trade show booth you can redesign it every time to fit your message, to fit the trade show rules and regulations. Why not test different designs and messages and see what works best for your visitors? This way you will be able to identify what works best for your targeted attendees and settle on the most productive and efficient trade show booth design for your brand.

3.     Renting Allows You to Experiment with Different Floor Plans and Booth Sizes

If your company is marketing at multiple exhibition shows with different floor plan spaces, buying a booth will make it difficult for you to accommodate changing sizes. Renting gives you a chance to reconfigure your booth to different booth spaces. If you have a 18sqm space in Paris, and 24sqm space in Frankfurt, renting makes it easier for you to accommodate the varying exhibit spaces. Renting two separate booths gives you higher flexibility when dealing with several show spaces and budgets.

Disadvantages of Renting Your Next Exhibition Stand Booth

You Are Limited to The Customization You Can Do.

If you want a booth that is totally original and 100% customizable, it will have to be created as a purchased booth. Your rental booth can be customized with graphic elements, but not with special components such as art hanging signs or special display features. 

If you are a company from the USA who is exhibiting in Europe, and you don’t know whether to buy or rent a stand booth, probably after reading this post you have the right decision. If you have any queries, then do contact us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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