Smart tips for designing pop up trade show booths

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Clever ways to attract more attendees to your exhibition stall and exhibit stand

Ensure your stall design is unique to make your expo stand an experience zone; make your trade show booth design speak your brand language with these interested booth display design trends of 2021.

Smart Tips for Designing Pop Up Trade Show Booths

When it comes to business, branding is the key idea. Pop-up display booths are a great way to promote your company and create fantastic branding in any trade show.

Once you secure your custom trade show display for your next event, you then need to start planning for your design to make the best use of your days at the show. Here, we take a look at how to design pop-up trade show booths to get high impact.

  • Create Amazing Visuals 

The main reasons people stop at certain trade booth displays are because they are drawn to their visuals. Visuals should include the company logo, vivid imagery, and messaging. Finding high-quality imagery can be difficult. 

Using cell phone photos or downloading online images won’t work since the resolution and the size of the images are small. A reputable print company can help you find and secure imagery that’s fit for a trade show booth

  • Use Lighting 

Every detail of your pop-up trade show booth is significant, even something as basic as lighting. Be sure to have extra bulbs in case the ones in your banner stand burn out. The lighting makes the banner draw the attention of the visitors. So make sure you keep them lit at all times at the event. 

Consider where some spotlights can be used to draw attention to what you are highlighting in the show. For example, set up a light above your literature stand to attract attention to brochures.

  • Use Noticeable Colors

The colors used should be lively enough to be outstanding. Colors that look too dull or neutral tend to cause your pop-up trade show booth to fade into the background. If your color does not include brighter colors, choose to combine interesting textures or metallic surfaces instead.

Ensure your color selections convey the emotions you want to create in your attendees. Attracting visitors is vital to forming a strong return on investment, so it is significant to create a high-level of visual appeal within an exhibition show.

  • Include Graphics

Graphics and Images are a more effective way to communicate a complex message quickly. Use high-quality images, life-sized, and keep signage simple and well-crafted. Graphics isn’t something that should be done poorly. 

Other than conveying a message, it also represents your product in a professional way. If graphic design is not your passion, consider hiring an expert. Ensure your graphics make a long-term impression and are noticeable from a distance.

  • Hire Entertainers

Entertaining visitors makes you more memorable and creates a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. Bring your trade booth to life by hiring some entertainers. The entertainers don’t just invite the audience, but they become an important part of your demo crew. Think about those late-night infomercials with the over-the-top personalities and have some fun repeating that in a lighthearted, but above all informative way.

  • Technology

Everyone loves a gadget especially one that makes interactions more efficient, fun, or interesting. Possibly this technology ties in with a competition or game you are running, or maybe it is as simple as offering tablets for capturing potential customers’ contact details instead of using pen and paper. Consider scanning the barcode on your visitor pass to get your contact info.

  • Make Your Pop up Trade Show Booth Easy to Navigate

Functionality in the show can also play a bigger role in your success at trade shows. Consider the layout of your exhibit and how attendees will move about it. You want to have a good flow so that visitors can move unimpeded from one location to another. 

If the space looks awkward and people cannot easily access your product or they are constantly bumping into one another as they browse, then functionality might have been lost—and this can hurt your image.

  • Know the Foot Traffic Patterns

Research the schedule to know when the main speakers will present the brand, then implements this into your staff’s agenda for the event. Know the general layout of the event and see how your booth location is placed concerning major traffic areas. 

Also, be aware of where washrooms are located and where your competitor’s trade show booth is located. The better knowledge you have of the event layout, the more prepared you will be.

  • Make Your Trade Show Booth Noticeable and Memorable

If possible check out your competitors to see how they have designed their booth to come up with a better trade show booth. Make sure your trade show booth can be seen from far, maybe it will attract people to come in to see what is happening.

You can also hang an overhead display put graphics and logos on the floor to attract attendees.

Designing pop-up trade show booths are not always easy. From designs and dimensions to branding and sales, we are here to help you make the right decisions for your next trade. Contact us today.

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