Stand Builders in Europe: How to Choose from the Various Options

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Hiring stand builders or exhibition companies is the most crucial decision of creating an exhibition stand; let look at the leading factors to consider when hiring exhibition designers

Your trade show stand or even booth design normally reflects your brand. Ensure that the time and money you invest in creating it gives the required ROI by selecting the best stand contactor from the many trade show companies out there.

Stand Builders in Europe: How to Choose from the Various Options

Many companies find it difficult to select stand builders to design their stands for trade shows. Making the wrong decision can be expensive. A poorly built trade show stand can make months of marketing efforts go to a waste. Consequently, choosing the right exhibition booth designers can uplift your brand and increase your footfalls. Following are some significant factors to consider when choosing exhibition stand designers and builders.

1. Ensure that the Exhibition Stand Builder is an Experienced One

 Make sure that the stand builders you want to choose have experience. Look at the years that the company has been in the exhibition industry. It is significant that you align the skills of the builder with the stand you want built. New stand builders might not have the experience and skills to provide the quality service that you want. An experienced contractor will have the skills and the facilities to build your stand.

2. Does the Stand Builder Know Your Budget?    

When you plan about building a stand, figure out a practical budget. Be prepared and know what you will spend.  There is no point in thinking you would like a 100sqm. stand while you can afford a 500sqm budget.  Also budget for some extras, most people change their minds about something after the job has been quoted, the contract signed and they start shopping.

3. What Do Their Past Clients Say About Them?

Speak to existing and past customers to get a real sense of how a stand builder performs on the job, being sure to question them on customer service, quality, finishes or any cost increases they experienced throughout the contract. Did the builder respond well to changes, and were they flexible when being asked to make any last-minute alterations? Did they meet the deadline? And so on. Asking their past clients about the stand builder you want to hire, gives you assurance that they will be able to handle your project.

4. Check Stand Builders Website

Reliable stand builders will have a website for potential clients to see. A properly designed website gives the potential customer insight into the services the company is offering. If they do not have a website, or it’s not well designed, that company may not be the best choice. When a company creates a website, it shows that they plan to be around long enough for their customers to discover their services. It also shows that they care enough about their first impression that they’ll care about yours.

5. Inquire from Other People Who Have Contracted Stand Builders

Asking neighbors, relatives and friends for references is one of the easiest and quickest ways to direct your search for a local stand contractor. People who live in your surrounding city who have completed similar projects are the best source. They can give you a first-hand account of the quality work the suggested builder provided, and the contractor will more likely be knowledgeable of local building codes and laws.

It is also imperative to interview the supplier prior to hiring them for any project. Asking a lot of questions and receiving a written bid that includes materials, permit and labor fees and will prevent issues from arising during designing. Ask about what work will be done specifically by the builder or their employees and what will need to be completed by a subcontractor. Some questions to consider asking include: Does the company take on projects of your size? Has the company lately worked on a project similar to yours? Can the exhibition builder give a list of previous clients or references? Etc.

6. Consider Their Location

Many stand builders have an area where their pricing is highly competitive. It is advisable to hire a builder who has built similar stands like yours. If you hire a builder from another location, you will be charged a contingency fee. Therefore, find a reliable company that has physical offices in your area.

7. Check your Stand Builder’s Reliability

The company you choose should be reliable and reputable. This includes the accomplishing of a given task and deadline, while sticking to the budget. In the process of designing, presentations and conversations with the stand builder you will get a feeling about how reliable they are. Trust that feeling after checking their experience and testimonials. If you find something amiss, then keep a close check on every step and if possible go visit their facility.

Here is a quick checklist that will help you select your stand builder:

1. Check their website

2. Talk to them one-on-one or in a video meeting

3. Talk to their references/customers

4. Check if they have built booths of your size

5. Check if they have built stands in the fairground or geography that you are participating

6. Check their design capabilities and costs

7. Check their facility and production team strength

8. Ensure that you have an onsite project manager from their side if your booth is complex

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