The benefits of using portable trade show counters

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Trade show counters and trade booth displays enhance presentation during trade show

Like portable displays and portable booths, portable trade show counters are easy to assemble, look professional and can be used at exhibitions and trade shows time and time again.

The Benefits of Using Portable Trade Show Counters

Portable trade show counters work exactly as the name suggests. They require no complicated assembly; The pop-up nature of such counters means that it is less likely to become damaged during transportation. So, what are the benefits of portable trade show counters? Let’s look at some of them.

  • They are Cost-Efficient 

The main benefit of investing in portable displays for your 2021 trade show is that they can be very economical. They’re made of lightweight material making them easy to transport back and forth from the events. 

Should you need to ship them, the light material is made with you will help cut back on shipping costs. Also, many trade show counter manufacturers will offer a variety of display counter tables that are suitable for every budget, making it easy to choose the most cost-efficient one. 

  • They are Customizable

Portable booths’ counter designs have now moved away from the standard trade show design. Businesses now have the flexibility to customize them according to their products’ needs. They come in different types of designs made from glass, wood, etc. 

Like pop-up displays for trade shows, you can also customize the trade show counter. You can choose different layouts, colors, prints according to your product’s color theme. 

  • They are Reusable

With tight budgets which can leave very little room to maneuver, companies need to gain the most from investments. The best way of achieving this is to pick out trade show counters which can be reused over and over again. 

While quality counters can cost you more, they ensure that only top-quality materials are used to make the counter so that it doesn’t  wear off when traveling to different events.

  • Portability

With innovations in the designs of trade show counters, you can now have portability with these counters. You can move pop-up displays to various venues and you use them in multiple ways. 

Portable trade show counters allow you to carry your brand anywhere you want and target wider markets with promotional activities. It is also possible to determine the best display location for your counter by placing it at various places and determining where it draws the most traffic.

  • It Provides Tactful Storage

With all planning that goes into trade shows, it’s easy to forget about details like where you will keep all the loose items you don’t want to be visible in your trade booth displays. These items could include jackets, purses, boxes of product, cases for displays, etc., that can clutter up the trade show booth. Storage areas that are concealed within your trade show counters is very helpful in this instance. 

  • It Gives More Attention to Your Branding

A portable trade show counter provides a space to help raise brand awareness. For a small 10×10 booth, you need to capitalize on every component to paint a vivid picture of your brand. 

With awesome graphics on your counter, you can pay attention to your logo or give a particular emphasis to something like your web slogan or address. You may even want to display a more theoretical aspect of your branding like your core values or mission statement.

  • They are Versatile 

Portable trade show counters are available in a variety and that is why they have different looks. They can be assembled in different ways and are available at an affordable cost. That makes them perfect for any trade show on a limited budget. They can also be used at conferences, executive seminars, and product launches.

  • Lightweight 

Another major advantage of you investing in portable trade show counters is that they are lightweight, which makes it easy to transport. You can transport it with your truck or even at the back of your car. 

Therefore, it is easy to shift your counter from one event to another or even shift from one place to another. Their lightweight makes them easy to install and dismantle without requiring extra support. 

  • You can Easily Customize Them

The main advantages of having portable trade show counters at your next trade show are that they can be customized easily to suit your needs. You can choose a material or design centered directly for your products’ needs. 

Some of the most common materials you can choose from will be vinyl, wood, glass, etc. You can also choose different colors, layouts, and prints to match your brand’s color scheme and create an eye-catching design. 

We hope this article has helped you know why you must invest in trade show counters. Are you ready to go to a trade show but you don’t know where to start? Contact us and we will help you plan your display counter.

Happy Exhibiting!

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