The simplest guide about how to set up an event booth design

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If you are thinking about event booth designs or portable displays, coming up with the best booth design will no longer be a challenge.

Excellent event booth design is a tool that supports your trade show marketing goals. So making sure that your goals are properly outlined is a key step in designing your trade show booth. You can also get a booth design company to help you. However, some common tips are listed below.

The Simplest Guide on How to Set-Up an Event Booth Design

1. Make It Easily Accessible

Most large exhibition booths have an interactive area that allows attendees to enter to take part in an activity or learn more about the product or the business. Although different conferences might allow for a smaller or bigger footprint and have superfluous differing details, you need to make sure that your event booth design allows for visitors to enter easily and exit your booth in a safe and orderly manner.

2. Keep the Front of Your Exhibition Booth Open

Placing a huge table or cabinet or any other display across on the front of your booth stops trade show visitors from entering into your booth. Keeping the front of your booth open creates an inviting appearance and can make your event booth design appear larger and attractive.

3. Keep the Built-Up Schedule and Timings in Mind

Knowing how much time it takes for your exhibit to be assembled and dismantled will help you determine how many labor hours you should factor into your budget. Your manager should perform a trial set up in their warehouse where you can preview your event booth design. Do not hesitate to ask your exhibit partners how long it took their team to set up your event booth to estimate what to expect on trade show floor. Usually, it doubles to set up a trade show booth as it does to dismantling it down, so base your dismantling estimates on half of the booth’s setup time.

4. Don’t Showcase Your Prospects, Invite Them In

When you walk around a trade show, you notice that most booth designs feature a table, chairs or design furniture at the immediate entrance of the booth area. This is a major mistake. Your prospects begin their brand experience with a physical barrier.

While it may seem like a better idea to put a table near the front to showcase your meetings, this tactic will not attract visitors. People tend to go where they feel welcome, and they certainly won’t go where they feel put on the spot. Design your trade show booth to meet these needs.

If you are planning to feature a zone like this in your display, take time to design a comfortable space. Place some branded material on the tables but let visitors know that the space actually is free to use.


5. Show Your Product Prominently in Your Event Booth Design

People who pass by your stand on their way through the show are there to find someone or something interesting enough that they award their business to them. The best way to lure customers interested in a brand is to showcase its value. Think of it like a sales area—what value do you provide the audience that your competitor does not? If you can make it hands-on, that’s even better: the more involved your audience is, the better they’ll remember your booth.

If you have a brand that shows visitors products that can be physically touch, felt and experienced then half your job is done. However, if you provide an intangible service, such as a web program or tax service, it is a good practice to showcase as much brand information as you can via booth items like tension fabric displays or banners.


6. Use Noticeable Colors

While the color scheme needs to be consistent with your general marketing design, it should also be bright enough to look unique. Colors that are dull or neutral cause your booth to fade into the background. If your color dynamic doesn’t include brighter colors, consider incorporating metallic surfaces or interesting textures instead.

Make sure your color choices convey the emotions you want to create in your visitors. Attracting prospects is vital to creating a strong return on investment, so it is important to create a high-level of visual appeal within a trade show exhibit.

7. Ensure that the Key Message is Large, Brief and Higher

Ensure that all of your key messages are easily viewable by placing them higher than 3 to 4 feet. Place your company logo in different areas of the display to support your brand. Keep the message simple and filtered down to a select few impactful headlines printed in large, readable font so it’s easily viewable at a distance.

8. Make Your Event Booth Design UniqueThis idea is a pretty obvious one: stand out! You are in the room with a lot of competitors using their booths to try to win over the same business that you are trying to win the same. You should figure out a way to make your displays eye-catching. Whether that means using unique lighting, sound, visuals, or a full on custom booth structure, make sure that you don’t get lost in the sea of booths. The ultimate goal of an eye-catching booth is to tie in your unique design with what your company offers.

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