Tips for awesome trade show display walls

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How to promote your business with trade show display walls and trade show booth backdrop on portable displays

The effectiveness of the portable displays, for sure, depends on how well-designed trade show display walls are. It’s all about outstanding show displays back walls.

Tips For Awesome Trade Show Display Walls

A great trade show display wall is one that signifies a design that can deliver incorporated communication during the trade show. So, if you are planning for a trade show, ensure you make your display back walls as effective as you can. This means that you should think about all aspects. 

See the tips for designing awesome trade show displays walls, and the ways you can ensure that your trade show exhibit design will be the one that people will like most.

  • Integrate Everything with the Display Wall

Make sure that the other components of your trade show booth are compatible with your display wall. If you have a small exhibit stand, use displays, literature racks, video monitors, storage in your walls.

  • Use Video Wall Displays

Video walls are eye-catching and allow you to display multiple images across various panels. The complete size and brilliance of video walls will impress your visitors than the normal booth display. You can pull in foot traffic by featuring the audience via social media feeds and showing them live virtual reality content. Your event company can help you with ideas to make the most of your show budget.

  • Keep it Simple

Make the design visually arresting but simple. One of the keys to a successful trade booth display is simplicity.

A common trade show mistake is to choose a marketing message that is overly complicated or hard to understand. Many companies with great products and services set themselves back by using headings on the display walls that are complex for an exhibition show environment.

  • Eliminate Clutter

Do not place anything on or in front of the back wall as it could obstruct the view. Booth decor should reflect your brand. Thus, use brand colors and logos complementing your larger theme. 

You can have a large logo and brand slogan along with display walls which can round out the skeleton of the design. Also, add in any necessary photos, signage, or posters. 

  • Fill it with Products 

Incorporate displays, clothing racks, and product showcases to make your back wall more than a graphic backdrop. Have a few racks on the wall where you can place your product so that your display doesn’t look empty. Ensure you organize it remarkably as much as you can.

  • Add Unusual Materials

Consider using some of the most eye-catching back walls. These include incorporating live plants. Remember to use plants of the same color but don’t overuse them. 

  • Lighting Matters

To create visual interest and highlight the most important graphic elements of your exhibit, use pinpoint spots, backlit signs, and other light effects.

To highlight a specific element or area differentiate between the general lighting and specific fixtures placed for emphasis. 

The lighting should be sufficient to stand out between the passages. But also you can play with dark lightings and make a more intense light that places the focus on a certain area of interest or an object. Use your creativity to come up with eye-catching lighting.

Also, you can use bright colors and a limited palette. Generally, feature two or three colors. If you are using color photography, select or modify photos to create a focal color.

  • Be Creative

One of the creative trade show design ideas is to give demonstrations of your products or services through AR/VR technology. Making your display interactive will enable you to hit the five senses of your clients and help them know your brand better. You could end up with a long queue of people who want to know what is happening thus, attracting them towards your brand.

  • Create an Environment where the Product is Used

If you want your audience to get a feel for your product, then create the exact display wall they may be used in. Therefore, design trade show display walls wherein visitors feel the product might be in a real-life environment. This is more effective than giving a brochure or showing videos. For example, you can create an office scenario,  a kitchen, a living room, etc. 

  • Have a 3D Back Wall

Incorporate curved panels and other 3-D elements into your back wall to create the illusion that your display is bigger than it is. 

We hope this article spurs some creative trade show display wall ideas for your next trade show and helps you maximize footfall at your trade booth displays. Are you ready to go to a trade show but you don’t know where to start? Contact us and we will help you plan your booth display walls.?

Happy Exhibiting!

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