Top 10 ideas for awesome portable booths design that stand out

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How to make your portable booth, trade booth display, and exhibit banners more interactive.

Having an idea to exhibit, the most important thing is the trade booth design; this is because the exhibit stand and the trade show exhibits displays are the first thing that will be displayed in a trade show. That why we have analyzed our top favorite ideas for designing portable booths.

Top 10 Ideas To Design Awesome Portable Booths Design That Stand Out

Coming up with an exciting and new idea is time-consuming and costly. The most difficult phase while planning for the portable booths is the designing phase. This is because you will be having a limited space in which you have to make the maximum impression on people who walk into your trade booth. Here we have analyzed the top 10 ideas in designing awesome portable booths. 

  1. Be Different with Unique Shapes and Materials

Incorporate unique shapes and materials that are not normally used by other exhibitors but are the best way to stand out from the crowd. For example, if most exhibitors are using circle hanging signs, go for a hanging sign with the shape of a rocket. The more interactive is your exhibition booth design the more booth traffic it garners.

  1. Engage with your Potential Customers

One of the best ways to have an interactive portable booth design is to conduct a demo session at your booth. Giving a free trial will allow your audience to experience the service and product personally. This will build trust in your brand. Engaging your brand will help the visitors make up their purchase decision, hence inviting more audiences to your booth. So, you must make the access to information in the exhibit stand design optimistic and simple.

  1. Make Your Exhibition Stand Design Warm and Accessible 

Having an appropriate color and ideal lighting assures the attractiveness to any attendee hence, creating a friendly, brighter, and warm atmosphere. To create a sense of curiosity use various illumination tactics like gesture-controlled lighting, gesture-controlled lighting, or sensory lighting.

  1. Display the Brand and its Benefits

At the trade show booth, you need to capture potential customers within the shortest time possible. Whichever impression you make will determine whether they will take longer at your trade booth or not. 

The logo and graphics must be always visible and put forth your brand’s main offering and advantages that are relevant to the show. Giving out inappropriate or confusing messages will lead to attendees avoiding your exhibit stand.

Simple booth display ideas use a minimalistic design that is effective and clutter-free. Also, they are not heavy on the pocket. They allow you to participate in the trade show with a smaller budget and help you in making the most of your participation.

  1. Lighting your Trade Show Booth

You can use colored LEDs as it might change the whole look of the booth amazingly. For example, you can win the attendee’s attention with a series of decoration neon signs or giant light bulb letters. 

But if you want a low-key effect, then you can select a focus light, like a chandelier or homely feel upright picture lamps. Remember to highlight the key features of your booth with your lighting.

  1. Organize Quizzes and Games

Make the exhibition booth inspiring to make a lasting impression on your brand where your visitors can be captured through engagement. Arranging games session at your booth can work well for your product. 

Prepare questions related to your business for attendees to understand how much your visitors know about your brand and the product. Make sure you give your visitors valuable gift hampers. People would appreciate gifts and giving something valuable to them will be the best thing they can remember you for.

  1. Hire Trade show Booth Design Expert

You will be surprised at the variety of simple designs available in the market. Yet, you need to be careful about the booth design you choose to signify your brand. Thorough research should be done before you order your trade show booth

You must assess your budget, design, and vision with the help of trade show booth builders. Hire a skilled expert to help you narrow down the booth design that will represent your brand. This assures you that your business stands out throughout your participation at the show.

  1. Rise Engagement with a Social Media Display

The best and easiest way to get visitors is to tweet and interact with them, talking about your brand Consider using a digital wall that displays social references of your brand or offers game-like incentives for user’s social shares. Attendees will enjoy trying to get their name on the board, and your product will get free social marketing. 

  1. Look for Things to Create an Impressive Booth Design

Making bits and pieces for your portable booth is not only satisfying but also ensures it is the perfect fit and size for your products.  Remember that you are creating an outstanding booth, so make it inviting with business cards in a noticeable place. Also, you can market yourself using social media to ensure your targeted customers know where your booth is.


  1. Use the Right Colors

Color psychology is complex. People are enticed to different colors for different reasons. The colors you choose for your exhibition booth rental can help you stand out. Cooler colors like green blue and white appear professional yet aren’t big attention-grabbers. Warmer colors like red, yellow, and orange are more engaging yet need to be used wisely because they can be haughty if used in excess.

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