Top benefits of pop up displays for trade shows

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Advantages of using trade show display banner and pop up displays for trade shows

Effective portable show displays are the key to creating an impression on your target customers at a trade show. Marketers use different kinds of trade show exhibits like trade show backdrops, custom trade show display to achieve their aim. There are many advantages of upgrading your displays to pop-up displays for trade shows.

Top Benefits of Pop Up Displays For Trade Shows

Pop-up displays for trade shows are the ideal choice for exhibitors when cost-savings, convenience, and portability are top priorities. These displays come in floor and tabletop models and can be used in combinations to build high-impact booths that are easy and quick to build.  Their benefits are:

  • Easy to Assemble and Dismantle

The key benefits of pop-up displays for trade shows are the ease of assembly and dismantle. Due to the frame’s ability to pop open and expand easily, the display can be set up by one person in a short time. 

You just need to lock the magnetic bars in place as they are already steered into the right place in the frame. They come with frames magnetic bars that are divided into three parts making them easier to maneuver. Having fewer moving parts, the chances for any breakage are low. Thus, better longevity and durability.

  • Durability

Pop-up displays are highly durable. The vinyl used to print graphics is designed to last. The base of these stands is also very strong. The frames are made of aluminum in most of these stands, which makes them strong and lightweight at the same time. You can use the same stand for multiple events without them looking old or worn out.

  • Big-Impact, Small Spaces

A great pop-up display should make your marketing message clear to your visitors with its creative design. Pop-up displays can work with you to maximize your effectiveness for a small trade show booth.

They are also highly versatile making them portable. This offers you more chances to take your pop-up display to various types of different events where you can set up your display. A pop-up display is a great way to raise exposure for your product.

  • Range of Variety 

Portable pop-up displays come in different forms. You may find small or large sizes. Many trade show exhibitors go all out on their pop-up displays, though. 

You will find trade show pop-ups with numerous light fixtures, state-of-the-art 3D graphic panels, and other attractive designs. Many exhibitors have started adding 3D standoff graphics, gigantic format graphic panels, and monitor mounts that can grab the attention of the visitors.

  • Customizable 

Most pop-up trade show displays use the latest technology in fabrics and fabric printing to create a memorable and beautiful display. The process of printing on fabric has undergone an amazing transformation over the years, and the results are eye-catching displays. Graphic elements can be identified easily when at a distance. There are different ways that you can customize a display to fit your company.

  • Lightweight

One of the benefits of trade show pop-ups is that they are lightweight, strong, and portable. This ensures that they can easily be transported from one event to another and that they can be easily built and dismantled by one person. This is impeccable if you don’t intend to have a small army with you when presenting– only one or two will do.

  • They Necessitate Focus

Your display has to talk about your brand clearly, in a way that engages attendees. Because space is limited with pop-up displays for trade shows, your message must be concise, vividly targeted and, clearly focused. 

All your display elements must work harmoniously which will remove the unnecessary aspects and focus on the purpose of your display. 

  • Impressive

When you can make an awesome outward look, your product and service are likely to come across as more inspiring. Attendees passing by a display with a single trade show display banner will not be impressed by what they see. But a big, bold statement identifying what your business does is much more effective. 

  • Flexible and Reusable

Most businesses are cost-conscious, which is why the pop-up displays for trade shows are perfect for your next trade show. The pop-up display is very flexible and even interchangeable. 

Pop-up displays can be dismantled quickly while preserving the framework for another event.  By altering the design slightly, the display can look completely new. This helps you save the cost of purchasing new displays and redesigning. So, the brand can be constantly improved without sacrificing creative functionality and design.

The trade show experts with Exhibit Rentals can prepare a customized pop-up or pop-up display for your company. The Exhibit Rentals team looks forward to introducing you to the many ways that pop-up displays for trade shows will help optimize your trade show success!  

Happy Exhibiting!

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