Top tips on choosing the best trade show stand location

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Factors to consider when choosing a good location for your exhibition stand design, event stall design or even outdoor stall design.

If you are an experience or first time exhibitor, then you know that there are different trade show stands like modular stands, portable displays and custom-modular exhibition stands. That is not enough; selecting the best location for your stand is most important.

Top Tips on Choosing the Best Trade Show Stand Location

If you are and exhibitor at an upcoming expo or convention you know how important your trade show stand is for attracting the correct audiences. However, there is another factor that is as important as your exhibition stand design and that is to select the best location for your trade show booth.

Just the way a well-situated shop can attract multiple foot traffic, a good trade show location can play a major role in helping your stand get business. In this article we have analyzed tips, techniques and tactics to help you choose the right location for your next trade show.

1. Know the Surroundings of the place

If possible, choose a location between exhibition stands with small displays. This will make your stand look large from a distance and provide a greater visibility. Also, be aware of any poles or columns that may cause sight problems. Remember also to check any variations in the height of the ceiling.

2. Choose a Trade Show Stand Location that is Close to the Entrance

Aim for the maximum traffic, which is the entrance to the show floor. The reason for this is that visitors feel welcomed when they first step into a show hall; this means they will see your signage before anyone else. Aim to hook in visitors with eye-catching displays. The entrance is normally the best place to do it.

Also, being close to entrance gets a maximum traffic because everyone will enter and exit through the route. Consider using a huge amount of attendees with stylish booth located near the main entrance.

3. Know the Foot Traffic Patterns

Understand the floorplan well and see where there are cafeterias, speaker sessions and networking areas. Know the general layout on the event and see how your booth location is placed in relation to major traffic area. Also be aware of where washrooms are located and where your competitor’s trade show booth is located. The better knowledge you have for the event layout, the more prepared you will be.

4. Near Snacks or Drink Booths

Placing your trade show stand near snacks or drink booths can be effective to attract visitors to your exhibition booth. People buying drinks and snacks from the stalls will at least glance your way and more than a few of them may approach your booth once they have the snack. Ensure you talk to the attendees about the brand while they are having the snacks.

5. Inquire About Your Competitors

Ask exhibition management about the companies that have reserved the exhibition stand space. You can avoid choosing an exhibition location that is too close to your major competitors. But on the other hand, placing your exhibition show stand next to your competitors can probably attract more traffic since there will be more attendees who will be next to you.

6. Reserve Your Trade Show Stand Space Early

Reserving early means it can be up to a year in advance. It’s common for show organizers to open the room selection process for the following year on the first day of the current year’s event. Exhibition spaces are usually offered based on an exhibitor’s past participation in the show. Other times they are given out on a first come, first served basis. Regardless, you need to plan early and find out which spaces are available before you can decide. If the space you like is already taken, let show organizers be aware you are interested in case of a postponement.

Registering early for your next trade show has many advantages. First, you will save money by registering early. Second, you’ll have the best choice of spaces to choose from, giving you more option over your exhibit’s final spot.

Last, you’ll avoid every company’s trade show nightmare — being strained into an undesirable space after all the best locations have been booked out. Book early and you’ll get the best pricing, plus the knowledge that you aren’t going to be beaten to the top spots by your competitors.

7. Be Near Lectures and Seminars

Trade shows usually feature seminars and lectures from industry professionals, so it is a good idea to find a position near such seminars and lectures, so you can take advantage of the traffic going to and from them. These seminars are usually held in conference rooms, and if you can find a place near those rooms, you’re in luck.

8. Near Unique or Special Exhibition or Trade Show Attractions

Many trade shows feature some attractions as well. If you have an opportunity to find out where such attractions will be placed and make sure that your exhibition stand and display is near one of them, it could bode well for your business. If necessary, speak with the exhibition organizer so that they can preserve a location near those special and unique attractions.

Getting the best trade show booth design starts with selecting the correct location. So, next time you have to make a decision on stand location see the 8 tips above and make an informed choice.

Happy Exhibing!

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