What makes trade show pop-ups stand out

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Be it trade show pop-ups, exhibit banners, or pop-up trade show booths, having an outstanding design is very important.

When attending a trade show, a company should ensure that they have the right pop-up trade show booths or trade booth displays. This article will provide all details on how to make your booth display stand out.

What makes Trade Show Pop-Ups Stand Out

It only takes the right trade show pop-ups to bring prospective clients running to the best booth. You need thought-out strategies to gain maximum ROI. Pop-up promotional counters help to create a strong impression on your customers. Adding a pop-up display to the stand booth makes you look grand and more invested in the whole process.

  • Choose the Location Wisely

Pop-up booths are being used by almost every exhibitor. Therefore, the very nature of pop-ups means you can take them pretty much anywhere.

The idea of where to set your pop-up trade booth depends on your brand and the space provided. For instance, some companies set up booths near the entrance, others go where there is high traffic, for example near the place where the main speaker is. Just ensure that the location fits into your branding and that you can have maximum foot traffic.

Trade show pop-ups might be popping up everywhere in the show event, but that doesn’t mean yours is designed to go unnoticed. Use location elements perfectly and your pop-up display design is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

  • Quality of your Pop-Up Matters 

The cost of your trade show pop-up and its graphic is a fraction of your overall trade show costs.  Ensure that you put your best foot forward with artwork that will enlarge to 2.4 by 3 meters and still look sharp. 

Choose a trade show graphic supplier who can work across multiple panels impeccably. Also, make sure the graphic panels can be rolled up and come with a case for shipping and storage.

  • Message

Concentrate on one message on your pop-up display. The pop-up displays for trade shows should be designed to create maximum impact. What is the one thing that the audience is sure to remember your exhibition stand?

The best idea is to limit the whole trade booth to one concept, product, or service. For easier alignment try and ensure that any text message that crosses more than one panel has a letter that is split between panels.

  • Customize

It can be tempting to just go with what you already have, but a little extra effort can go a long way in designing a memorable experience. If your pop-up display includes a changeable setting graphic, have a design that is specific to the event or venue. 

It is often the little things that will draw attention, so add relevant accessories into your display, such as record albums for music events or team gear for sporting events.

  • Create an On-Brand Theme

A great experience is new, fresh and exciting, but also characterized by an on-brand theme that runs through every design element.

An overarching theme makes it easier to direct your visual merchandising, retail design, and marketing strategy leaving customers with a clear idea of what makes your pop-up special. Incorporate the current seasons in your booth in a creative manner. Is there a unique aspect of your product’s heritage you can highlight through your pop-up?

  • Use the Right Colors

While the coloring scheme needs to be consistent with your general marketing design, it should also be bright enough to look unique. Colors that are dull or neutral cause your trade show to pop up to fade into the background. 

Ensure your color selections convey the emotions you need to create in your audience. Attracting prospects is vital to creating a strong return on investment, so it is important to create a high level of visual appeal within your trade booth displays.

  • Draw Visitors in from Every Direction.

Depending on the setup, there is a high chance your visitors will approach your display from multiple directions. It can be a good idea to create a design that draws visitors in from different angles. In that way, your pop-up booth can adjust to the layout of every space that you get. This helps you attract the attention of anyone that sees your exhibit.

  • Make Your Pop Up Display Approachable

Despite having the right looks and appealing design, your trade booth should also be approachable. Smiling faces of skilled exhibit stand staff are important.

Have a range of different choices to appeal to different people. Some people like reading materials, flyers, and pamphlets. Other audiences are visual and would love to see a video demo on an HD display or tablet. Some would like to engage with the booth attendees and ask questions. Ensure that plenty of stand booth staff is available throughout.

To learn more trade show tips and how to become a better exhibitor, visit our website, exhibitrentals.com, or contact us for help. 

Happy Exhibiting!

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