When to Consider Trade Show Exhibit Rentals In US

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Advantages of hiring an exhibition stand builders and designers to design your trade show booths 10×10 or trade show exhibit displays

By renting a trade show exhibit from a dedicated turnkey provider, you can be more confident that your custom trade show display challenges and expectations are being addressed.

When To Consider Trade Show Exhibit Rentals In US

The reality is, if you go to more than three shows a year, you should buy trade booth displays. But if you go for one or two show exhibit rentals are convenient.

So, when should you go for exhibit rentals? There are 15 circumstances when renting typically is more effective and efficient than buying:

  1. You can consider trade show booth rentals when you hope to avoid handling logistics like shipping, storage, and local transportation for your exhibit. Trade show exhibit companies will take care of these services. Therefore you can rest assured that everything that is needed for your trade show is available on time.
  2. When you are in rush hours. Reputable trade show companies have the necessary know-how to build quality stands in record time. So you can reduce the time taken to set up your booth. Even if you were to give them the blueprints at the very last moment, these skilled builders can still outperform you in every field when it comes to building the actual stand.
  3. You can rent if you are a first-time exhibitor or a start-up company. Why? The IPO heads want only a few capital assets. When your company grows branding will probably change.
  4. If will be you will be exhibiting once or twice a year, you can go for rental exhibits. Buying your trade show exhibit to attend two shows in a year can be expensive because your equipment will be unused most of the time while waiting for another show the following year.
  5. Sometimes you might need to alternate between a small and larger trade show exhibit depending on what product you are promoting at that particular time. So the best option is to rent.
  6. If you’re an international exhibitor, rent. Buying one can be expensive if you are an international exhibitor and decide to attend a trade show with your equipment.
  7. If you think you’ll want to buy the rental in the future, rent with an option to buy.
  8. Rent when you want to cut costs of storage, repair, insurance, disposal, refurbishment. Also, you should rent when you want to save on transportation, material handling, installation, and dismantling costs.
  9. Rent if you want to keep the case for which you would have to spend on construction and storage of your display after the show. 
  10. Rent when you need new pieces to fill out a large space or to keep your current design looking fresh and modern. Trade show booth design companies offer current and up-to-date exhibits so that your exhibits will look modern all the time.
  11. You can go for trade show exhibit rentals when you want extra options. Hiring trade show booth builders, you can manage the budget and take into account new choices that you might not have been able to afford otherwise.
  12. Ideas like dramatic lighting, brochure racks, extra-large format graphics, and furniture are hired options that can increase the result to your company.
  13. Working with experienced and skilled trade show builders in the US can offer you many options for exhibiting. Stand builders offer a full trade show design in the most innovative way so that you can grab maximum attention from people.
  14. When you want your trade show displays to be customized for you. When you hire professional trade show designers, to help you, they will offer you multiple choices for the same booth. They normally understand what your requirements are and help you customize the stand according to them. The trade show display companies offer you an opportunity to choose color, size, and space for your stand booth
  15. If you want to introduce technology in your booth. A professional event stand builder will use cutting-edge technology to make your exhibition stand more impressive. The company is capable of accessing top software programs and other technologies to assist you to impress visitors. You will also be able to use this technology to keep track of attendees and follow up with potential customers after the event.

It is obvious from the above that exhibit rentals are a great way to save your money and time. And if you have the misconception that they look “used” and won’t represent your business well, take a look at our portfolio, and judge for yourself!

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