Why a Modular Exhibition Stand is Ideal for your 2021 Exhibitions

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In post-pandemic exhibitions, modular exhibition stands and portable displays make an ideal solution for your exhibition stall.

Why a Modular Exhibition Stand is Ideal for your Exhibition in 2021

2020 has been a year of uncertainty. With more than 5000 exhibitions being canceled globally, the show organizers, trade show booth design companies, hotels, tourism, and exhibitors have suffered great losses. The uncertainty of exhibitions taking place makes one cautious of the kind of efforts and investments to be put into them. So, exhibitors are looking for portable and modular stand designs for the exhibitions in 2021.

What is a Modular Exhibition Stand?

A modular exhibition stand has pre-engineered gears that make a self-satisfactory system. Modular exhibition components can adapt different exhibition stand designs. The components of the booth may be upgraded or downsized according to your preference.

Modular stands are flexible, easy to use, eco-friendly, and do not necessarily need technical assistance for installing. The modular design can be broken down into smaller components for easy packing, traveling, and storage. They are reusable and flexible, and thus, allow you to design to fit different exhibition spaces. This saves your money and time.

Following are the major benefits of modular exhibition stands.

Portability of the Stand

Exhibition stands that are created using modular displays are more efficient than custom built designs as they can be broken down into smaller components. The modular and lightweight design makes it portable and easily deliverable to the event.

The modular exhibition stand has a variety of compact, easy to maneuver transport cases that protect your structure during the delivery. 

Reusability of Modular Exhibition Stand

Another benefit of the modular exhibition stand is that reused multiple times without any damage to the structure. Unlike custom exhibition stands that can only be used once, the same is not the case with modular stand design.

Modular booths can be dismantled easily while preserving the structure for use in another event.  Slight alterations in the design make the booth look completely new. This helps you to save from purchasing new stands and redesigning, thus, allowing you to be more environmentally friendly. So, the brand can be constantly with the same lever creativity.

Eye-Catching Design Options

Due to different graphic applications modular exhibition stands can be made to look like custom exhibition stands. In the shortest time possible, you can make a high impact and visual exiting stands using a modular exhibition framework. Also, these modular stands have small and interchangeable graphics.

Quick and Easy Set-up

Many businesses cannot afford to build a big stand at the exhibition they attend. Therefore, having a small portable modular display is very important since a small team can assemble and install the exhibition stands easily and quickly.

Press-fit connectors and simple knobs make the fixing process simple. Even without prior technical background and support, a modular system can easily be assembled with the help of an assembly manual or video that the exhibition stand company provides. The easy and quick assembly saves time and allows your team to work on other aspects of the booth.

Scalability of a Stand Design

 Along with elasticity, the modular stand design is also scalable. As per the requisite, the size of a modular booth can either be decreased or increased. Any small size modular booth can be upgraded to a bigger sized and vice versa. This allows you to execute an exhibition stand that meets your preferences and requirements without having to purchase a new one.

High Return of a Modular Exhibition Stand

The numerous perks of modular stands like versatility, reusability, longevity, and scalability make a modular stand a one-time purchase. You need not invest in a completely new stand for every show. One modular system can be reconfigured at various times ensuring you make most of your investment. Few extra graphics can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

A modular exhibition stand system is very flexible and can be reconfigured or enlarged to fit different events, sizes, and different stand spaces. By just replacing the graphics, you have a whole new display. With the emphasis on stand sustainability and eco-friendly materials modular exhibition stands are gaining more and more prominence. And in 2021, a typical show floor shall see more modular booths than their custom counterparts. If you have any queries on modular exhibition stands, contact us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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