10 Of the top interactive trade show booth design ideas guides

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Solving your, how do I attract visitors to my exhibition booth and exhibition stall problems and come up with an attractive trade show booth design

A trade show booth design needs to be interactive to persuade the targeted audience and be noticed straight away. Here are some significant ideas that will certainly assist you when creating an exhibition booth design and exhibition stall during the 2021 exhibition show

Top 10 Interactive Trade Show Booth Design Ideas Guides

With customers looking for a memorable brand experience which exhibitors strive to create using smart trade show booth designs that capture customer attention and respond quickly to their needs. 

That is why you need to have interactive trade show stand ideas to succeed on a competitive trade show floor. The following are interactive booth ideas to apply when designing your event booth design.

When Arranging Materials Or Products On Tables, Avoid Straight Lines.

Straight lines look very sophisticated and purposeful, so guests won’t want to mess up your table by picking up or interacting with anything. Make everything more accessible by building small piles of pamphlets or fanning out your goodie folders to make everything look more curious. Making everything curious lures visitors to your booth.

Teach Something

Many visitors attend trade shows to learn about a new product in the market and the companies producing them or about the latest developments and encounters in their fields. Why not lean into this fact and offer visitors a truly educational experience when they visit your portable booth display?

You can provide informative, interactive teaching about the products you offer and the values the brand is built upon. If you go the education route with your trade show booth, just make sure the learning experience is engaging. The engaging audience is the sure way that they will listen to you and in the process learn about the product.

Demonstrate Your Products

Buyers come to trade shows to see in person the products they don’t feel comfortable buying online.  So, have your creative booth design staff showing your products throughout the show. 

You can also let the audience get their hands on your product and try it out themselves. The best demos have movement, noise, and prove your major benefit that matters to buyers. Consider amplifying the demo with a live video feed on large displays.

Robotic Guidance

Another technique to ensure your trade show booth design is interactive and attract attendees to your booth is by use of robot guidance. Robotics helps potential customers navigate your store with ease to find what they want. 

People will be anxious to know how this unique product is working.  Therefore, a robot on your booth can attract the public, greet them, and provide you with attractive information about your company’s products.

Organize Games and Quizzes

Making your exhibition booth design an exciting one to make a lasting impression of your product on your audience can be achieved through engagement. Arranging game sessions at your creative booth design will work wonders for your brand. 

You can organize quizzes related to your company to help understand how much your audience knows about it and educate them about the brand. Make sure you issue gift hampers that are worthwhile. People love gifts, and offering something useful to them will attract them to your booth.

Valuable Giveaways

People love free items. You would have often seen people reacting excitedly over lotteries, spin-the-wheel prizes, and scratch cards. The idea here is to select giveaways that look valuable, desirable, and useful. 

Moreover, it should be relevant to both your audience and product or service. The more visitors are happy about your giveaway, the more you will create a buzz at the event. You could use some fun and useful stuff such as reusable bottles, smart wallets, tote bags, pop sockets, USB chargers, etc.

Provide Toys to Play With 

Interactive touch screen games, VR headsets, 3D printers, can work wonders. Should keep attendees amused and create memories for them that last beyond the event itself. Just make sure to choose content that matches your booth theme. And always end each interaction with a simple CTA. 

Hire Entertainers to Perform in your Booth

Entertainers put the show back into exhibition shows. Magicians, musicians, dancers, performers, artists, actors, and more, can attract visitors who want to see something fun they rarely see live. 

You will need space to host them, and perhaps extra sound amplification.  You might need permission from the show if the entertainer or the audience will clog the aisles. Ensure you tie the entertainment to your product or show campaign topic.

Let Visitors Test your Products

Remember that the main reason people attend trade shows is to see and test new products. So, ensure your trade booth design properly displays your business’s offerings and allows attendees to try them.

Allow attendees to lay on them right there in the middle of the trade show floor. Let folks engage with your products first-hand as this will make them more inclined to purchase them.

Engage Audiences

Product demonstrations and presentations don’t have to be one-sided. Make them interesting by inviting attendees to interact with your brand. Also, live theater can be part of this experience. 

Want to draw a crowd? Select a special actor to engage attendees; a celebrity guest ready to pose for photographs with visitors or a stand-up comedian or juggler who can incorporate attendees into their act.

So, If you are looking for a specific brand-relevant idea to make your exhibition stand booth look outstanding in 2021, then do get in touch with us.

Happy Exhibiting! 

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