7 Facts about choosing the right booth stand design space that you never knew

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How to find the best space for my booth stand design, exhibition stand, or exhibition displays in 2021

The key to success is using the exhibit space you choose well.  More often, as trades show manager, your booth stand design, stall booth design space size selection is determined by budgetary constraints. But there are other basic factors in your decision-making process of choosing the right exhibition stand design.

7 Facts about Choosing the Right Booth Stand Design Space That You Never Knew

Selecting the best space for your booth stand design is very important as you gain more attention and respect on an exhibition show floor. Before you come to the conclusion of where to have your booth design you need to consider a couple of factors. Here we major on factors you need to consider before deciding which event booth design to use.

What Booth Size Do You Need?

The first step in deciding the amount of space you require is to know what products, their sizes, and how many of each you want to have featured. Will you feature large machines or equipment?

Next, approximate how much of the remaining space will be occupied by exhibit items like chairs,  tables, banners, kiosks, or any other standing elements. Figure that exhibit equipment will take up at least 50% of your available floor.

Have you considered a double-decker design? With this, you do not have to get a bigger space to get more space with several floors.

Define your Objectives

You need to set your exhibition participation objectives. This is essential for the selection of the exhibition stand and the design. 

Keep the following in mind:

  • Depending on your aim, you may need more space for conducting meetings, including meeting areas, reception space, pantry, storage space, etc. 
  • When you are using various products and machinery keep in mind the floor space, posters, wall space, and branding options.
  • Keep in mind that the customers and staff should be able to move freely while they are at the stand.  
  • If you are preparing something like a VR screen or a lucky draw, then you need to have a space for these activities as these tend to be crowd-pullers. A stage is a good choice for this function. 
  • Consider the space required to interact with the booth visitors.

Know the Exhibition Visitors

As an exhibition supervisor, you need to collect a huge amount of data to ensure that you understand the exhibition in advance. The number of attendees is an important factor, but do not look at that figure in isolation. You need to ensure that the job titles of those people attending the show match your show objectives. 

If you like to produce highly qualified leads, then a show full of non-decision makers will not be of any help to you. Quality over quantity often delivers better results and ultimately better ROI.

Know your Budget

Not every exhibition show will charge the same price for space. What a 8m x 4m space costs for one show may completely differ at the next.  Purchasing the correct booth space and size can have a big effect on your budget, and the success and return on your investment within the show. So, ensure you keep this in mind to help you along the way, particularly if you have an existing custom stand that needs a specific size and arrangement.  

Know the Cost

Always cost is a big factor when deciding what size of booth needed to create for your show. Therefore, as you think about increasing the cost for a larger booth, it is good to keep in mind that bigger exhibition booths produce better results. 

The larger the space of your exhibition booth design, the better the response can be if you plan to arrange it accordingly. Build areas for people to engage with your company, and design the booth so that attendees can access booths from different angles.

Go For a Bigger Booth Stand Design

When you have a larger, professional booth stand design, it conveys a strong and successful company that will be around for many years. No one wants to do business with a company likely to fall in the future.  

To help you understand how size affects outcome, a general rule of thumb is a 200 square foot area will average 280% more responses than a 100 square foot space, and a 400 square foot space will average 832% more responses than a 100 square foot space.  That is the reality! The bigger the booth, the more the number of visitors.

Make Booking as Early as Possible

The exhibition spaces are always limited. This is the reason it makes sense to book a stand as early as possible. The booking is normally made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The key to getting your hands on the appropriate space is to book in advance. You should make booth bookings as early as a year before the exhibition. If you are a regular at any show, make it a point to enquire and make next year’s bookings right after the current one gets over. 

It will also allow you to avail yourself early, access, and book the best stand with chosen orientation and size without so much hustle. So, get ready to book your stand early on by asking the organizers for a floor plan and making your choice with no delay. 

 For your potential buyers to recognize your trade show stand, they should be able to find you. Therefore, choosing a booth stand space is a little like purchasing a house; it is all about space!

Happy Exhibiting!

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